From time to time we intend to invite our clients when mutually convenient to a program called Google Hangouts.  It is similar to Skype but more interactive with our Score Clinic needs.  It enables us to simultaneously Internet-connect via video & voice with one or more people

Your computer is required tobbe webcam configured. If you have an older computer without a built-in webcam, one can be easily purchased for around $20.00.

With the above taken care of you can sign up to be a Hangout member by going to: a picture of a computer screen to the right should be clicked to download the Hangout Plug-In program into your computer.
Once that is done we will be able to invite you into the Hangout Room where you will remotely see and speak with us interactively on your computer screen. As you achieve this Hangout membership be sure to advise Gerry Harkin at:  of your registry gmail address.
This Hangout procedure needs to be accomplished once only.

The Score Clinic invitation we shall send to you will be in a g-mail with an invitation link. 
We will e-mail you beforehand when we intend to invite you.  This could be an hour, a day,  or more before the invitation.  In this way you will know when to look for the invitation in your G-Mail Account under the Social tab. The invitation is attended by a tonal ringing.

If you require rapid help or guidance on any subject, we now have the scheduling ability to converse and display on-screen step by step procedures which cannot be easily explained by regular email or voice-telephone help.

We look forward to your participation.

Should you have any questions, or Hangout registration questions contact
Gerry Harkin at or by phone at 718-351-0989.

A Call to Action
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We welcome you to discuss any of the following areas you need to address.  Our updated resources include: 
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address your request to gerard harkin  

Should you have any questions, or Hangout registration questions contact
Gerry Harkin at or by phone at 718-351-0989.