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In New York State, people will still be able to practice as interior decorators, space planners, home fashion consultants and even as the so-called housewife decorators as long as they do not use the title certified interior designer.


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10 Social Networks for Web Designers - Awwwards

 Creative networks and membership galleries are one of the best ways to expose your work and get feedback from colleages and contact with current and potential clients, but also to get inspired and learn from the work of others to improve their skills. In this post we've compiled 10 of the most used and useful social networks for web designers.

Active in community  - Staten Island Bus Orgs
Organizations to Join
Partner with any furniture stores
Contact furniture stores, paint and wallpaper shops, home builders, plumbing contractors, window treatment stores and other businesses to discuss the benefits of offering your services to customers as part of a special promotion or to help those businesses sell high-end products.

Place your marketing materials at spas, upscale restaurants, real estate companies, resorts and other businesses that serve wealthy clientele. Make sure your business cards and brochures reflect your design expertise.

Word of Mouth – Encourage clients to recommend you.

Pro Bono Work – With targeted business

Videotape testimonials from satisfied clients, and post them on YouTube.

Contact the local community college or recreation department about offering classes in interior design as part of their seasonal educational programming
Use the American Society of Interior Designers' resource library.
Meet with developers of new commercial buildings and multi-unit projects,

Visit fellow Chamber of Commerce members with office or retail environments, and offer a specially priced package of interior design services. Offer a referral gift to business colleagues, whose referrals lead to completed project

HOME DECORATOR Extensive information from our Blog

Sites such as Pinterest have provided a great place to store photos and instructions on how to create your perfect home. Dozens of sites specialize in home decor inspiration, many with an element of social networking or at least the ubiquitous ability to share to a variety of social networks. There's Project DecorHomemint and Houzz, to name a few. Most of these sites haven't gained the traction that Pinterest has, perhaps because they are so specialized. But if you're decorating and looking for inspiration on the interwebs, you're sure to find these type of sites.