Startup Costs: Under $2,000
Home Based: Can be operated from home.
Part Time: Can be operated part-time.
Franchises Available? No 
Online Operation? Yes
Great logos help to build and maintain instant brand recognition and consumer awareness by visually linking the logo to the business, product, or service it represents. If you have a creative flair and artistic abilities, you can put them to good use by starting a logo design service.
You will need a computer, digital camera, printer, and design software to get started. But outside of these expenditures, start-up costs are minimal, as are the ongoing fixed overheads to operate the business because you can work from home and the majority of jobs can be serviced using e-mail and fax.
 Fees for designing logos vary greatly, from as low as $75 to literally thousands. The better known you become for your incredible design work and logos that perfectly describe what they represent, and the more well-known your customers are, the higher your fees will go.

The Market

Market your talents to business owners and professionals, product developers, profit and nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and basically anyone else in need of product, service, or personal branding through repetitive use of logo.

Needed Equipment

Computer, digital camera, printer, and design software.

How to Promote
·                 Help people out where you can.
·                 Look for problems to solve.
·                 Create an amazing identity for yourself, something worth talking about.
·                 Reflect your expertise and values to your potential clients (not just your
                    peers) through your website branding.
·                 Write a blog.
·                 Connect using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hashable and on and on.
·                 Guest post on other blogs.
·                 Leave valuable comments on blogs you respect.
·                 Send samples.
·                 Run a competition.
·                 Become a speaker.
·                 Publish books or ebooks.
·                 Share your knowledge.
·                 Host a networking group locally for designers.
·                 Attend business networking events where you are based.
·                 Take a genuine interest in people.
·                 Be interesting.
·                 Consider designing eBook covers and website headers, brochures, business cards.

Learn How to Create Websites - Suggest you Learn Wordpress.  Go to Udemy.com for video tutorials.

Sample Website