How to Promote Your Music Instruction Business
It doesn't matter if you are just starting your business in music instruction or have been at your business for quite a while, there is always room to grow. Learning new ways to promote your business will bring you new clients and increase your revenue. Growing sometimes takes time, but when you keep at it, the results will be apparent. 

Use Your Local Schools

There are a few ways for you to use your local schools to promote your music instruction business. This is not limited to your neighborhood grade school either; use the preschools, the middle schools, the high schools and the private schools as well.

One method is to contact any music teachers the schools may have. Leave your contact information in the office for students and parents who are interested.

Attend open houses, school carnivals, sporting events or other school activities to introduce yourself and your business. Be prepared with business cards and flyers.

Offer to teach a one-time class at the schools without a music program. Leave your information for parents. It may even lead to something permanent that you can be paid for.

Utilize Other Small Businesses

Contact other small businesses near you, particularly music stores. Offer to hold group classes at their facility if they find the students. Offer discounts to their customers by creating a special flyer or coupon. Likewise, offer to hand out their flyers and coupons to your established students.

Offer discounted lessons to small businesses that allow you to post informational flyers in their establishments. Update the posting at least once a month.

Create an Internet Presence

Having your own website is a necessity in today's business climate. This doesn't have to be a huge expense either. There are many sites that offer free assistance to help you create a basic website.  The important thing is to have a presence that people in your community can find. It doesn't matter if you teach guitar lessons, violin lessons or voice lessons; if potential clients can't find you, your business won't survive.

In addition to having your own website, utilize already established websites to your advantage. There are many sites out there where you can promote your business and it's all free. Some common sites are Craig's List, Facebook and LinkedIn. It's easy to set up accounts on each of these sites and start promoting your own music business right away.

Use Your Current Students for Future Business

Offer all of your current students discounted lessons if they refer new students to you. Offer a two-for-one discount for students that bring a friend or sibling to lessons with them. This doesn't have to be an ongoing discount, simply something to get the new student established with you.

The bottom line is to be creative in your endeavors to grow your business and it will pay off. Find something that sets you apart from the others and watch your business grow.

  INTRODUCTION TO CROWDFUNDING  - Raise Funding for teaching Disabled Students

Prepare instructional youtube videos.

Eurhythmics often introduces a musical concept through movement before the students learn about its visual representation. This sequence translates to heightened body awareness and an association of rhythm with a physical experience for the student, reinforcing concepts kinesthetically. Eurhythmics has wide-ranging applications and benefits and can be taught to a variety of age groups. Eurhythmics classes for all ages share a common goal – to provide the music student with a solid rhythmic
foundation through movement in order to enhance musical expression and understanding. 

While eurhythmics classes can be taught to general populations of students, they are also effective when geared toward music schools, either preparing students to begin instrumental studies or serving as a supplement to students who have already begun musical performance.

Certified Dalcroze teachers work in conservatories, universities, public and private schools, early childhood programs, and in private studios. The Dalcroze approach is studied by performers, teachers, dancers, actors, young children, and senior citizens. Those wishing to pursue Dalcroze teacher training may do so at recognized training centers throughout the United States. Due to the intensive training process and the many sophisticated skills required to be a Dalcroze teacher, the number of certified teachers remains small, but their impact on music education is significant.

List of Institutions with Higher Education Course Offerings of Eurhythmics[edit]

·                    Carnegie Mellon University,                    dalcroze-training-center
·                    Cleveland Institute of Music,
·                    Colorado State University,
·                    Hope College,
·                    Longy School of Music of Bard College,
·                    Oberlin Conservatory of Music,

·                    Stony Brook University,