NEW- Simple Steps for Starting Your Business eLearning Modules

Volunteers and chapters agree that the Simple Steps for Starting Your Business (SSSB) is a great program! The SCORE Foundation and Canon have made it possible for SCORE to create eLearning modules that will expand the reach of the SSSB program.  Now, aspiring small business owners throughout the country will be able to take advantage of the program’s valuable content regardless of their location. There are many parts of the country that may not have a local SCORE chapter, much less one that offers the SSSB workshop series. These eLearning modules help bridge the gap.
See the program here:
The five modules are a condensed version of the five workshops that make up the SSSB program. Throughout each of the modules, clients are encouraged to seek a mentor to help them work through the material, and where possible, attend the local SSSB workshop series. Benefits of one-on-one and in-person interactions are frequently touted.
We fully expect these modules to drive clients to SCORE chapters for mentoring and to participate in local workshops where they can.
In order to help you be proactive, at the end of each month, chapters will receive a list of “attendees” of the eLearning modules for that month. With this information, you can:
·                                  Proactively reach out to the attendees to pair them with a mentor in your chapter.
·                                  Follow up and let the attendee know about your local workshop offering, if applicable.
·                                  Add names and contact information of attendees to your Constant Contact list. (Note: You must ask them to opt in to your list, you cannot automatically add them without asking them to join your mailing list.)

These modules would not have been possible without the SCORE Foundation and Canon. Thanks also to the following SCORE volunteers who served as subject matter experts in the development of these new Simple Steps for Starting Your Business eLearning modules!
Baton Rouge Area SCORE, Bob Breaux
Charlotte SCORE, Bill Gill
East Bay SCORE, Karl Haug
Greater Phoenix SCORE, Patrick Ingram
Minneapolis SCORE, Mort Harris & Loren Herbst
West Palm Beach SCORE, Eileen Cummings
SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon, Tom Burgum & Lou Davenport

Please contact Susan Fort, Director of Learning with any questions.

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