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A One and a half  hour Tutorial - Creating a WordPress Web Site  

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This WordPress tutorial is text-and image based, easy to search for quick answers, and super helpful for anyone: as a base for learning or as a reference guide.
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Plugins. WordPress has plugins. Here is the list of plugins I’ve installed on my revamped blog:
·                       Akismet. Protect from comment spam.
·                       Disqus. For managing comments. I’ve tried the built in comments, Google Analytics for WordPress. From the folks at Yoast who have a number of great plugins. This makes it easy to connect my blog to
·                       Google Analytics and get the data I want.
·                       Jetpack by Many features come with Jetpack, but I only use it for one–it’s the best solution I’ve found for autoposting a link and summary of my new posts to
·                        I admit I also like the basic stats widget it puts on the dashboard.
·                       MailChimp. The plugin puts a signup field on my website that allows visitors to subscribe to receive post notifications.
·                       SEO Redirect 301s. In case I move a post from one category to another, which modifies the link, this plugin creates a 301 redirect which tells search engines where the page has been moved to, and redirects people visiting the old link to the new location, thus preserving my search engine rankings for that page and my traffic which would otherwise be going to a dead page.
·                       Social. From the folks at MailChimp, this plugin autoposts to Twitter and Facebook.
·                       I do wish they would include so I didn’t need to have Jetpack installed, and if they added autoposting to Google+ that would be just dandy.
·                       W3 Total Cache. Caches pages on your blog to improve load time. In short, it makes your website faster.
·                       WordPress SEO. Also by Yoast, the same folks who provide the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin. All In One SEO is another decent SEO plugin, but I’ve found Yoast to have a slight edge.
·                       Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. Want to show related posts to people who read your posts so that they stay on your site longer and read more? Look no further than this plugin.
Once you have the website up and running there is a lot you can do by way of optimization, although almost nothing beats putting out lots of solid, high quality content. For those who want to delve into optimizing their blogs, I recommend perusing the Beginner’s Guide to SEO from Moz.

One more tip: Set up a Google+ profile if you don’t already have one and link it to your blog. The instructions are here. This will help you get credit from Google for the content you create on your blog, and helps search results that pull up your posts to show your photo by the search results, which makes the link to your site stand out in the search results which leads more traffic to your website.

I’m not going to say this is all easy work you can do yourself. If you struggle to send an email without asking for help from your son or daughter, don’t bother to try this yourself. Don’t ask your friend to do it for free or it will never get done. Don’t hire the web hosting company that promises professional websites for $10/month. Just hire someone to do it who knows what they’re doing. For a few thousand dollars at most, it’s a small investment to make for the benefit you’ll receive. Even though I run an online marketing firm I wasn’t capable of doing all this myself and had substantial help from two other people to do the design, coding, and much of the configuration.
Most importantly, a blog without good content is like a grocery store with no food. It’s time for me to create a good selection of fresh posts.
Joshua Steimle is the CEO of MWI, an online marketing firm with offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and Hong Kong. He blogs at and is working on a book entitled You Might Be An Entrepreneur If…, to be released in 2014.

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