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How to Start a Lingerie On Line Business

Choose a niche for your lingerie store
Determine whether you want to buy your inventory wholesale or use a dropshipper.

Starting a Business On Line With Little Cost

Buy a domain name.

Find an e-commerce platform or solution – Shopping Cart Review

Drop shipping: Set up an online store and partner with drop-shipping companies that will do all the order fulfillment for you. Online ecommerce platform Shopify has a great drop shipping guide, and Tim Ferriss does a good job of explaining drop shipping in his well-known book, The Four Hour Work Week.

Wordpress Plugin Shopping Cart Sell From Your Own Site
Video - Introduction to Drop Shipping

Learn about Shopify for Affiliate Marketing

If you want your own unique photos, you will need to get a few models and a photographer. Search for local models on sites such as Model Mayhem
Listing on Yelp – Lingerie and Wigs

Listing on SI Live – Need Reviews


Marketing – Steps

Pick A Niche
Look for products and services to promote..
Find Affiliate Partners from the Marketplace like Clickbank and Shareasale
Find companies who make and fulfill products so that you can make money by sending converting traffic to their sites.
Build A Website or Blog
Get your website up and going. is highly recommended -  Get a good host
Do some basic SEO Stuff, like onpage optimization and some Social Media properties like Facebook, Youtube, and Pinterest.


How to Use Google Places

Introduction to Adwords Video

Number 1 website on Google Search Page 1 PPC AD

What Makes a Website Successful

Choosing s Web Site Designer

Inventory Data Base

  • Advantages of keeping Separate blog

    It isn’t appropriate for your company’s main site.
  • If you want to promote your blog as its own brand.
  • If you want to promote yourself as a more objective industry expert.
  • If you might want to someday sell the blog but keep the company website.
  • If you might want to someday leave or sell the company but keep the blog.