Image result for CHINESE TAKEOUTFor Legal Requirements to open Chinese take out location go to: NYC Wizard and complete survey.


What startup cost goes into opening a small Chinese take out restaurant?  Fill in this spreadsheet and enter estimated startup costs, monthly expenses and estimated revenue. With this information we can prepare a cash flow projection.



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Would you have to build a kitchen from scratch and would the space be about 1000-1200 square feet?
What kind of restaurant would you like to setup? - Take Away Only/Quick Service/Self Service/Casual/ Fine Dining?

Assume your restaurant will not breakeven for the next two years. - Have enough cash to sustain the expenses of the outlet as well as your own personal.

Because you opened a Chinese restaurant no one is going to flock it while waiting in a queue - which means you do not need 1200 sq ft to build the restaurant, a wise 600 would do because the number of customers you would end up servicing will be few in the initial one or two years.

However small it is, since you used the word restaurant which by default means, there should be seats where people could sit and enjoy their food

Figure a decent budget for you to start one, a 24 seated in about 600 sq ft.