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What Makes a Good App  Condensed From
  A catchy name and fancy animations help, but real quality comes from how well the app addresses these elements: purpose, audience, stability, and polish.

It Does One Thing Well

A common mistake is to cram too many features into an app. Apps need to do one thing well.
Take Uber for example. If you remove their focus on black service cars in the early days, Uber was primarily about getting your ride faster. Without that focus, Uber wouldn’t have been nearly as successful

It Knows its Audience

A great app not only understands the one thing that it does well, it understands its audience and is designed for them.

It’s Stable and Fast

Think about the main apps that you use every single day. They don’t crash, aren’t slow, and do what you expect them to do..
Great apps are also snappy and offer fast response times. Their users can get in and out of the app and do what they mean to do in just a couple of taps or seconds. We’re fans of Marisa Mayer’s rule of thumb to make sure your users can get to anything they want to do in the app with only two taps.

It’s Polished

One way to add polish is to include tasteful interactions and subtle transitions..
Polish can also be done with sound effects, like the classic token-collecting chime in Quest or the pop-like noises that occur when events are created or deleted in our Agenda app.

Concluding Note

A great app is focused, intuitive, fast, and a pleasure to use. You should regularly explore apps featured on the app stores and those that receive awards from Apple and Google. By focusing on fulfilling the four criteria above, you'll have a greater chance at making it on those “top app” lists.

 SaaS Marketing Plan: 100 Places to Promote Your App (Part 1)

 7 Tips
That it can be easily installed on your iOS and Android phones. Here are seven tips to promote your app.

1. Alert potential users to the fact that your have an app
Let everyone know using all available channels that you’ve built an app. Put it on your website, in your newsletter, tweet it, post it to Facebook  and other social media sites.

2. Your promotion AppSite
Every app made with AppMachine its own web page. This page will feature information about and screenshots of your app. The link to this page is<app_name>  for example

This app site will help potential users download your app by linking them to the Apple App Store and Google Play pages for your app. If people arrive at this page via their mobile browsers then they can click through to immediately download the app.

The AppSite also features several share buttons so that people can easily share your app with the world.

Armin App Site

3. Link to your AppSite
Place a link to your AppSite in all your communication. The benefit of using the AppSite is that no matter how people arrive to the AppSite, via their phones or their computers, they will always be able to find a fast link to the appropriate app store. Use a URL shortener to tweet your AppSites URL.

4. Insert the AppSite in your website
If you have some HTML skills you can even integrate your App Site in your own website using iframe. This is an easy way of granting potential users amazing access to your gorgeous app. All the important info about your app will be on your site.

5. Use the QR code
AppMachine also generates a QR code (think of it as a modern bar code) for your app and AppSite. A QR code is an excellent tool for promoting your app both digitally and on paper. Maybe you have a folder or a door to door pamphlet where you can announce your new app and the QR code. A hotel can place the QR code in a prominent spot on the front desk.  The sky is the limit.


This event placed the QR-code to download the app on large banners.

6. Entice people to download your app
Think about giving your app users a gift or a discount upon downloading your app. Give hotel guests 10% off for breakfast or a free desert at your restaurant when they book a room using your app. You can also keep your customers up to date with the latest news and interesting deals by using push notifications. We recommend you we start off by offering a discount code or giving away free coffee.

7. Make it easier for people to share your app
AppMachine has built some functions in your app that have made it easier for you and the users of your app to promote it. The app can be shared via the most popular social media channels. Most of the information in your app should be quite easy to share with friends and acquaintances with just the click of a button. People can tweet that cool product or picture they saw in your app or can post on Facebook about the great new music they’ve discovered in your app.

Share this app

The Result
All that promotion should lead to a large amount of downloads and a wealth of users that are now aware of your app. In the analytics dashboard you get an overview of the number of downloads and use statistics of your app.

Reasons you don't need to monitor your apps. PDF  

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