Freelance writing is an excellent way to earn additional income for anyone who has the ability to write great content. The amount you can earn through writing simply depends on your level of commitment and hard work.
The rising demand for freelance writers has caused many sites to frequently hire them. Getting the right site to work for is the first step to succeed as a freelance writer.
A highly regarded site is one that meets both the client’s and the writer`s needs effectively. Enough research ought to be conducted on all the sites available to avoid scams. There are a number of factors you should put into consideration so as to stay ahead of the competition at all times. These factors will assist you in being marketable and relevant in this particular field. They are:

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If you want to be in high demand, you ought to know how to market yourself as a freelance writer through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You should use these social networks to market yourself as a hardworking and dedicated writer who delivers quality content.
The audience you can realize from social networks is quite large. Provide your audience with samples of your work so that they can realize the excellent writer you are.
Delivering Excellent Work
Quality content delivered by a writer leads to repeat orders from clients. Customers know the kind of work to categorize as exceptional and which to reject due to poor quality. Your clients do not want to edit content that they have spent their money paying someone else to write. This is because editing wastes their valuable time and resources. They will only order more than once from outstanding writers. Therefore, you should strive to improve the quality of your work through constant practice.
A goodfreelance writer strives to build lasting relationships with customers. You can establish such relationships by the use of blogs.
 Develop your own blog and update it frequently. In addition, blogs allow you to network with many people in the industry. Visiting and participating in Internet marketing, business and writing forums is a great way of marketing yourself as a freelance writer.
Blogs also enable a freelance writer to establish their expertise, so that he/she can realize tremendous improvement in their work.
Establishing Reliable Referrals
After building a good client relationship, you will be able to bring in more orders from other clients. Your past customers may be aware of people in need of good writers like yourself, and they may direct these clients to you. This will make you a very marketable writer and bring you more income.
In conclusion, all the above tips provide a gateway to success in freelance writing. Marketing yourself is a factor that should not be overlooked.
 It is important to remember that stiff competition exists in this field and only the best manage to get ahead and make the most money. Therefore, market yourself through social networks; deliver exceptional content, and network with clients and other freelancers to establish reliable referrals.