Merm, Justin. How NOT to Start a T-Shirt Company Kindle Edition.  99 Cents

There are other Amazon Kindle books coverting t shirt business.

Author lists mistakes he made at first.

Write a decent business plan.   Use spreadsheets for planning.

Startup Costs

Production Costs

Monthly Expenses

Register the business name within your the state       Think URL as same name

Hire a CPA ….sales tax….income tax. Etc. 
Keep good records.

Have a backup of for funds….to carry you forward. 

Why limit your niche…can include it with other targeted customers.


Your logo defines your shop.   using Adobe Illustrator.  Learn it.

Use can also use  Udemy on line learning.  Also youtube tutorials.  

Screen printing vs. Digital printing. ... Digital printingis a much newer process that involves your artwork being processed by a computer, and then printed directly onto the surface of your product. Digital printing is not a heat transfer or appliqu'e, as the ink is directly adhered to the fabric of your shirt.

You can use freelancers in that line of work bid on your project. You decide based on their sample work, Elance is a good source.  Check references what they produced?

Top 10 Elance T Shirt Designer Freelancers For Hire...

START SMALL.  Start with few styles and sizes.  Don’t pretend to be big.. Your fans will understand.  Learn as you grow.

People need to become fans. They need to be your legion. They need to spread the word like wildfire. Put out a few designs, and test them.

A good printer service is a must but most stink…..

Threadbird does an incredible job. They are meticulous and wonderful to work with.

Plastisol or water-based ink, which you should use because plastisol feels terrible, just hold your shirt up to the light and look through it. If you can see through the fibers, it’s water-based.

Cost x 2 = wholesale x 2 = retail. It’s not always so cut and dry, but that’s the general rule of thumb. 

Also, use Square to process your payments. Square is a payment processing system that takes a set amount, will send you a reader to swipe cards on (that inserts right into your phone’s/iPod’s/iPad’s/tablet’s headphone port) for free, and won’t charge you a minimum or monthly fee. Stay FAR away from any of those who do charge ridiculous fees. Intuit has, by far, the worst customer service and policies in their field.

The day I discovered WordPress was one of the greatest days of my business life. Wordpress is free open source software that you can install on your hosting package. package. It will give you a backend for your website and allow you to upload themes (or use one of the themes that come stock [don’t]). Take your time and check out the tutorials package.

 If you don’t want to get that involved, but still don’t want to pay someone, check out Squarespace. Squarespace allows you to create a beautiful website by just dragging and dropping things where you want them to be. It does all the coding for you. And it looks absolutely fantastic and professional. It will run you $10 a month, ballpark. Completely worth it if you do not want to get your hands too dirty.

Your website doesn’t have to do a ton. It doesn’t need to be flashy and full of scripts that will knock your customer’s socks off (and slow their computer down). It just needs to show off your products in a way that is in line with your brand. Make sure everything flows and matches and represents what you’re trying to come across as.

Get yourself a Facebook business page or a Twitter.  Use  instagram , pinterest.
And Etsy.   Note: .org not .com

WordPress can be used to create a website or a blog. Or both. It’s free and it’s great. There are tons of support articles and forums to help you along. Most hosting control WordPress can be used to create a website or a blog. Or both. It’s free and it’s great. There are tons of support articles and forums to help you along. Most hosting control panels will have something that will install it for you (Fantastico, in most cases). Places like Host Gator have it built in. You can always ask their “Live Help” representatives.  Also highly rated is Blue Host

Get out a calendar and list EVERY event and holiday you can think of - so you can be ready and ahead of time to sell and take orders for screen printing. Get your shirt and design ideas ready to sell.

Church Functions
Class Trips
Craft Fairs
Ethnic Festivals
Flea Markets
Open House
Political Campaigns
Radio & TV Promotions
Running Marathons
Cinco de Mayo
Company Anniversaries
Earth Day
Father's Day
Flag Day
Fourth of July
Landmark Birthdays
Mother's Day
Saint Patrick's Day
Valentines Day
Veterans Day
Wedding Anniversaries

List every sporting season that will need uniforms and team support items like t-shirt, caps and pennants. Sports teams always wait until the last minute and have trouble organizing sizes, printed images and how team members will pay. You organize it ahead of time, deliver on time and you will get the order now and in years to come.