Selling Vintage Products
Client Needs
Requires good  accounting and record keeping service.
Have your CPA suggest the software he recommends and uses.
Saves time and money by coordinating services with your CPA.
For listing and pricing your high volume of items you can use excel data base. Contact us for further instruction.
Are you in need of additional capital?
Your current URL is hard to type, hard to remember not good SEO.
Header too big and products should be better displayed.  Should have
A search box , labeled search.  Put telephone number in header.
How to create a good URL – Domain Name

Is it better to include shipping cost in the product price?  

Instagram….Etsy….Ebay…Consignment Shop….

Sample Antique Website – Compare your website. Easy to find product and make
purchase. Categories easy to navigate.
Sellit App – Free Should use this APP.
Junkables online antique store is an alternative to ebay. Antique Dealers can sell their vintage antiques with no seller fees of any kind. If you are tired of the fees from all the other online antique stores - try this alternative to ebay at no risk.
Bonanza - alternative to ebay
Buyers of Antiques – Unload dead inventory?
Cando Finance – Unload dead inventory?
Shopify for Vintage Products –  Creates excellent on-line store.
Other – Social media – write an interesting story about certain products. History. Blog about them.
Google “where to find vintage furniture Brooklyn” and see – map – see image PPC- see yelp and listing services.
Build up a mailing list of potential customers. 
Try  Google Search “unusual gift”  - see PPC ads – localize search as well-try face book PPC
Suggestions from a successful vintage product seller.

Vintage items are still in great demand. (Fact is, many people like the idea of having something that their neighbors and friend can't get so easily!)

Sort your items according to general categories. Further sorting can take place later during the valuation phase of the items.

You should also now separate groups of similar items into smaller categories. For example, divide jewelry into narrower groups, such as pins, necklaces, bracelets, earrings
==Makes on-line buyers choice easy. Easier to sell on website.  They get what they are looking for.

Where to sell your vintage items?
Keep in mind that Etsy charges $0.20 for each item that you list--even if you're selling items in a big lot. For this reason I don't suggest listing a higher quantity of items at Etsy. Don’t sell any vintage items for under $20 there either. Etsy is best for homemade and not vintage items. It's still an avenue that you should look into though. It is more community driven than eBay and you could build up a greater clientele there.

Save large item lots and lower valued items for eBay. You will be charged a percentage of your sale when you sell on eBay but it is worth it for the exposure as well as their reliability. If you ad a buy-it-now to your listing you will also be charged an insertion fee.

Note: If you don't already have a PayPal account then sign up with them now! They are the leading online payment processor and as such the majority of transactions on Etsy and eBay are done through them. PayPal is critical to selling anything online.

Research your items. this will help you determine a starting price. Check to see if your jewelry is signed. Even if it's just costume jewelry, being signed makes it more valuable. People like to know what they're buying!

Take a good picture of each item. You may wish to take several pictures but keep in mind that eBay charges extra for every photo you add. Listings without pictures will never sell for their complete value. Sometimes they don't sell at all.

Make sure that you angle the camera right and don't let the lighting wash out the details of you items. This is especially important with jewelry. Make sure you have a presentable background in your photos. My advice: use a pretty but simple (you don't want it to detract from the item) tablecloth for the background. Remember, you may have considered these items junk once but you want your potential buyers to think of them as treasure!

Finally, when you describe your items be sure to include every possible detail that makes your items more appealing.

If you're selling on eBay don't forget that the design of your listing is important too! A friendly design appeals to more buyers than a black and white page.
A quick search on Google will lead you to hundreds of sites that offer free eBay templates. Like the tablecloth background in the photos, I make sure to keep my listing templates pretty yet simple. The Artois Project offers Free eBay Templates

Shipping doesn't have to be expensive. If you are selling very small items then you should definitely invest in some bubble mailers. You can buy a pack of 25 for less than $10. If you're selling small items in lots or bigger items than you should use flat rate boxes by USPS. If you go on their website you can order them for free! When you ship your items in the smallest, and in my experience most used, flat rate box, then its only $5.20 to send anywhere in the U.S.

One word of caution: a lot of sellers are known to set their shipping and handling rates unrealistically high. Don't do this. It deters buyers and you might not even sell your items. You could also gain a bad reputation with buyers. This is especially bad when you're selling in vintage categories, which often caters to small group of collectors who frequently become repeat buyers.  Offer free shipping (words that attract buyers!) and make sure the auction price on eBay or listing price on Etsy more than covers the shipping.

Don't forget to leave positive feedback for your buyers and encourage them to do the same. The more you sell, the more you become trusted in the vintage communities of eBay and Etsy!


1) Improve URL Structure

2) Optimise Page Titles, Headings

3) Use Keywords Respectfully

4) Use Images Properly

5) ALT Text and Tags Still Matter

6) Use Internal Links

7) Blog & Add Content Frequently

8) Make Your Website Mobile Responsive

9) Improve Your Website’s Speed

10) Secure Your Website

Setting up your website so that your URL starts in HTTPS instead of just HTTP.