To improve your odds of success, you should have personal savings to cover one years worth of living expenses and assume the business generates very little in the first year to your family living obligations.  You might work part time for another CPA while building practice.

Overlooking your Loved Ones – Startups in any industry demand longer than normal workweeks, create financial strains, and cause periods of going into survival mode.
 Their commitment required to start this business before you hang out your shingle.
Selling on the Cheap – Many accounting firm start-ups are willing to accept fees that are too low at the onset. They figure that rock bottom prices will make the medicine easier to swallow.

Knowledgeable about the latest accounting rules and theories and tax laws.

Attending refreshers, going to conferences and seminars will help keep her up to speed on the latest in accounting trends.

Personal Impression….Appearance and Office

Keep abreast of Technological advancements
Organized and structured

Accurate and detail oriented. 

Be proficient in excel.  Great  planning tool for your clients.


Understand clients business.

Have face to face meetings with clients and other decision makers on a regular basis.

Be Creative – in solving clients needs.
Have clients staff do the grunt work…saves them fees.  Get paid for your advice.  Have face to face
Consultations.  Use Hangouts on line when appropriate.


Having a reputation for trustworthiness will win them more clients in the long run. Trust is something that is not easy to build, and it’s a trait that must be taken seriously in order to earn good feedback from clients.

Top-notch Communication skills

An accountant that is able to interact easily and get their ideas across clearly to anyone is a major asset that clients and employers always look for.


A strong sense of integrity and an inclination toward honesty are traits that inspire confidence in an accountant’s work and professional practice.

Create Referral Plan for Existing Clients

  • Hire the right employees.   Assign grunt work ASP.  Keep employees working in office….You do the client consulting.
  • Do not hire relatives or children of your clients.

Capture Leads through Your Website 

Social Media Marketing

Be careful regarding investment advice.

Poor Cash Collection Process – Many new accounting firms don’t realize that very few businesses pay promptly. They intuitively think that mailing out monthly bills is adequate, which it is not.  Take credit cards and use paypal.
Email statements. 

In the end, we all make mistakes along the road of entrepreneurship. Your goal should be to avoid the obvious ones and learn from your mistakes so you don’t repeat them.

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