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 In general, the process of drafting, negotiating and finalizing an agreement with a client will follow this sequence of activities: ■ Advance preparation and information gathering about the client and the potential project ■ Internal planning of budget and schedule ■ Drafting a custom proposal document that the client will see ■ Attaching these AIGA modules for all design projects: Basic Terms and Conditions and Schedule A: Intellectual Property Provisions ■ Adding these AIGA supplements as needed: Print-specific Terms and Conditions, Interactive-specific Terms and Conditions, Environmental-specific Terms and Conditions ■ Reviewing the final AIGA checklist of options in the terms and conditions ■ Presenting the agreement to the client and answering any questions ■ Negotiating any modifications requested by the client ■ Finalizing the agreement with authorized signatures 

When the proposal is accepted, typically you'll meet with the designer several times to talk about concept, layouts and schedules, before being presented with a mock-up of a potential design (or designs). The Graphic Artists Guild of Albany provides detailed guidelines for working with a graphic designer, including a sample schedule for a brochure project. Typically (but not always) a designer will oversee the project through the printing process -- be clear whether this is included in the cost estimate.

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