Image result for plumber      Create an online website offering plumbing tips to visitors. Also create a Blog. Include advertisements for your services on the blog, and promote the blog on local websites and social media.

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Sample Website

Create an eye-catching logo and slogan. Consumers may subconsciously associate businesses with logos and slogans with higher quality and reliability, while associating others with a generic brand image.

Use Listing Services   Info. From our Blog
Use your personal and business vehicles as advertising media. Paint your logo, slogan and contact information on the sides and rear of your vehicles.
Use as few words as possible when advertising this way, and make sure that passers-by and other motorists can clearly read your contact information from a reasonable distance to maximize its effectiveness.

Pass out service brochures and promotions to apartment and office complexes. Try to secure as many partnerships with apartments and offices as possible, as this can lead to long-term growth opportunities. Offer price discounts to these large customers in return for frequent business.

Send promotions via mail to homes in your area. Direct mail campaigns can be most effective when the advertising message has a high degree of relevance to a large number of recipients.

 In the case of plumbing services, virtually every home in your community is a potential client, making direct mail a highly effective technique.
Invest extra money into search able advertising media. Pay extra for premium listings on search engines

Foot the bill for quarter- or half-page color advertisements in local telephone books and business directories

. Place advertisements in local newspapers
Think “wide, local reach” when choosing advertising outlets. Remember that your target market consists of every single home, office and apartment complex in your area.

Place coupons in community business publications.
Place promotions in coupon-circulars as well to increase your advertising exposure and take advantage of the circulars established delivery system.

You can attend trade shows or seminars to market your business.

 Inquiry Follow-Up Method

One of the most cost-effective ways of advertising your business is through the inquiry follow-up method. Place your advertisement in the classified section of weekly and large newspapers in your immediate area. Use a heading that gets people's attention like "50% Off Sale"

  Include three to five lines of succinct copy that describes key benefits of your business. Classified ads should use the AIDA approach (attention, interest, desire and action), 

  Get attention with the heading, then make people act by calling for more information.

 Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing works best for mail order companies or business owners who need to generate leads. There are several ways to use a direct mail campaign, including a sales letter and brochure; a sales letter, brochure and order form; or a postcard. Postcards are highly effective for generating leads and are less expensive to mail than envelopes.

 However, use sales letters, brochures and order forms if your goal is to get orders. You will need to give more details about your products when asking people to send you money.

 In any case, purchase mailing lists from organizations like the Direct Marketing Association. Fresh lists, with names less than 30 days old, usually cost $75 to $100 per thousand.

 Send your mailings out in quantities of 1,000, 2,000 or 5,000. Keep track of your direct mail expenditures and profits.

Using Social Media to Promote Business