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We have recently established ourselves as front-runners in the space of "consulting" for corwdfunding campaigns for independent films. We have successfully overseen 6 campaigns that have grossed over $1,000,000. To my knowledge, no other company exists with this track record. The question we are facing is how to harness this track record towards our gain. To this point, we've primarily taken referrals FROM the corwdfunding companies (kickstarter and indiegogo) and have not done too much active outreach for sourcing new clients. Mostly because it just takes a lot of time to find the projects and then it takes even more time to convince them to crowdfund. But we keep having internal conversations about how great it would be to court serious high profile clients of our choice and convince them to work with us. We just don't really know where to start. We also need to determine how many campaigns to take on a year and what to charge.

Crowd funding mentor claims to be #1
They show prices and success stories and also have an affiliate program. 

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Spreadsheet to determine billing for crowdfunding service

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