In a recent study conducted by the National Association of Realtors and the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), 77 percent of all recent home buyers said they'd obtained a home inspection prior to the purchase of their homes. 

The ASHI offers training  as does the National Association of Home Inspectors Inc. (NAHI). Some community colleges also offer extension courses in building inspections, or you can look into private home-study courses.

BestHome Inspection Franchises

Website Home Inspections - Example

A 48 Minute Training Video on Doing a Home Inspection

A Home Inspection Checklist Video 14 Minutes 

Amazon Books - On Home Inspection

Make Sure You Have a Good Liability Policy

Get Listed on Listing Sites = Such as Home Advisor

Search for List - Google Search Results

Using Social Media to Promote Your Home Inspection Service

Licensing Fees

$250 - Initial Application
$50 - Written Exam
$100 - Renewal
$25 - Change of Personal Name and/or Address
$25.00 - Duplicate License/Registration Request
Term of licensure is two years

                                Start-Up Expenses

Filing for LLC  $1200 - (which includes required legal posting in local papers  $800 in NY State)
Accounting Software $325
Accounting Fees $250
Logo Design $250
Tools $2,400
Website Design $1200
Postcard Design/Printing/Business Cards $150
$500 Other


Initially, offer the following services:
  • Buyer Home Inspection
  • Seller (Pre-Listing) Home Inspection
  • Maintenance Inspection
Optional "Add-In" services, offered in addition to the three main services listed above and at an additional fee, will be:
  • Radon Testing (air and water)
  • Termite Inspection
  • Water Testing
  • Well Inspection
  • Septic Inspection
  • Pool and Spa Inspection
In the future, Inspection Connection may decide to offer the following services:
  • Mold Survey / Sampling
  • Home Energy Audit
  • New Construction (In-Progress) Inspection
When doing inspections the cost can vary depending on the home.  Price can be as little as $300 to as high as $1000. Do not let price sway you one way or another because this is one of the most important things in the process.
Advice NBC News
By Herb WeisbaumConsumerMan
Home buyers need to have a realistic expectation of what a home inspector — even the best inspector — can do for them. A home inspection is not a guarantee or warranty of condition. It’s an opinion.
That’s why the training, experience and professional judgment of that inspector is critical. “Just like a doctor, dentist, or attorney, it’s his or her opinion and judgment that you are relying on,” says Alan Mooney of Criterium Engineers.
“If we don’t see dry rot, but we suspect rot,” Mooney says, “we should express that opinion.”
There’s nothing you can do to guarantee the inspector will spot all the visible problems. I’ve spoken to homeowners who used highly-recommended companies that missed costly defects. Still, it’s the best thing 

Why get an appraisal? Presuming that they’ve been shrewd in their negotiation, some homebuyers wonder why an appraisal is even necessary. The short answer is this: unless banks have received an appraisal confirming a home’s value, they are forbidden by law to issue a loan on that property.