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4 Simple Ways to Promote your Kindle Book using Facebook

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Liberio integrates seamlessly with Google Drive. Any text-based document can be converted into an eBook. Feel free to write your book in Google Docs, import or sync Word™ documents or use any other source Google Drive is able to process

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Convert Word to PDF - EBook - Open Office, MsWord 2007 and Newer Versions
Then download as RTF to Word from Google Drive


Smashwords Highlights:

  • We make it fast, free and easy to publish an ebook!
  • World's largest indie ebook distributor
  • 200,000+ titles published by 55,000+ authors and publishers
  • 85% net back to the author/publisher/agent
  • Distribution to Apple iBookstore (51 countries), Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, Diesel, Page Foundry and more on the way
  • Smashwords Introduces Pre-Orders - Good for Ranking
  • Upload your book once and enjoy distribution to multiple retailers.  Spend more time writing and less time managing multiple retailer platforms.
  • We provide simple, step-by-step instructions that make it  free and easy for anyone to create, publish and distribute an ebook.
  • Distribution to libraries
  • FREE ebook conversion to nine formats from a Word .doc
  • FREE unlimited anytime-updates to book and metadata
  • FREE consolidated sales reporting simplifies year-end tax reporting
  • FREE centralized metadata management
  • FREE exclusive marketing and selling tools such as our Smashwords Coupon Manager!
  • We DON'T employ sales people.  We'll NEVER try to sell you anything (because we don't sell anything!).
  • Smashwords Research Helps Authors

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       The above OK  for Text not Pictures or Graphics 
       BookTv.orgBook Marketing Tools Launches 'Social Media for Authors' Hangout

We recognize that authors often need help promoting their books in the modern, digital age, so we're excited to be able to offer marketing tips and advice through our new Hangout on Air.

Book Baby New
BookBaby lets authors sell eBooks direct and earn more

Authors can publish, promote and sell their eBooks like never before with the addition of BookShop.

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We also have to educate clients that they can download library e-books anywhere and on any device. Most Americans don’t even know that libraries offer e-books, according to national surveys.

Book Country is for Serious Writers - Explanation

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7write aims to be the world’s number one self-publishing platform and we are going to achieve this aim by making it incredibly simple for authors to write and self-publish their book. Unfortunately for authors wishing to self-publish, the process is currently very complicated. Every marketplace has it’s own formatting requirements and each require different file types.

Publish an ebook for iOS?  Tips from iPad publisher Open Air

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72 Places to promote your Kindle book when it’s free  

The Kobo Writing Life team has carefully vetted and pulled together a comprehensive offering of services—from cover design to eBook conversion to copyrighting—enabling writers to create the most professional written works. Exclusive rates, which represent savings ranging from 20 to 30%, have been negotiated for Kobo Writing Life authors. There’s never been a better time for storytellers to finalize and publish their work through, with the potential to reach millions of passionate readers in more than 190 countries.