How to Bottle and Sell Your Own Barbecue Sauce  By Jennifer Trainer Thompson 
June 13, 2012

Test, Test, Test – Family, Friends, etc.

As you develop recipes, think about cost

Think about color

Ponder the heat. How aggressive a sauce do you want?

Consider your theme when coming up with the name
Consider Your Sauce Packaging

Another key consideration is the label

Research, Research, Research

Call county and state health departments and find out about health codes. Can you make sauce in your home kitchen or do you need to use a licensed commercial kitchen? (Some states offer cooperative kitchens.) Do you want to find someone who bottles for you on contract? You’ll also want to figure out your business structure — for example, do you want an LLC (limited liability company)? You want to protect your family and your trademark. Hire a lawyer for this.
Offer free samples to buyers for stores and online companies
Offer to host free tastings at health food stores, gourmet shops, and grocery stores.
Try to get nontraditional outlets, like bookstores, bars, or restaurants, to carry your sauce

Promote yourself: Start a website and sell your product online. Start a blog. Start contributing comments (always informative) to other blogs.

Use Social Media

Retain the services of a specialty food broker

Advertise your BBQ sauce in local newspapers and on local websites, radio or television stations

Consumer Report and Video Rating Best Barbeque Sauce

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