Small business can benefit greatly examining the use of the proper information technology programs.

Such as:
Communication Services - Such as Google Hangouts
and work from home,
Wireless -networked computers, where waiters send order to the kitchen staff instantly and effectively
Organization using bar codes which can help small retail shops avoid overstocking and waste.   Also learn trends – reorders, etc.

Cloud Computing
Free of upfront costs, cloud computing helps small businesses streamline their operations meaning they can focus on staying competitive.  Never install software – available anywhere run online.  The greatest benefit of the cloud, however, is financial.
Updated automatically.  Collaborate with colleagues, clients and suppliers.  You can work from anywhere

Not all workloads are ready for the cloud. Some workloads have very specific performance and security requirements. You need to evaluate your workloads carefully to determine whether they are appropriate for the cloud.

Consider costs before deciding, but keep in mind time saved. Often times utilizing the proper IT services will save you money, time and increase your productivity.

Best Software Choices Free Service – Worth a Try

Projector on the Go  

APPS for Your Business

SQUARE Take care of your business anywhere

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    Too many media outlets overlook us or assume we only want to read fluff. But we know that young people are inquisitive. We know they believe substantive news can also spark interesting conversations. We know they have a healthy skepticism for conventional wisdom. Mic’s editors and writers share those attributes with our readers. This sensibility informs everything we do.

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