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You can start a corporate program with one yoga class or a comprehensive list of programs.

Consider other professionals you might like to collaborate with to offer packages of services.

Your “dream team” can include massage therapists, registered dietitians, yoga instructors, physical therapists or anyone who offers a service that complements yours. If you are a personal trainer, hook up with an instructor and vice versa..

Create a Plan
Market Analysis.- What do your competitors offer?

Strategy and Implementation. Provide specific objectives on how you plan to implement your program

Measurement. Include information on how your program(s) will improve employee productivity, morale and overall health.

Marketing Plan.

.Developing Relationships

Word of Mouth. The most effective and least expensive advertisement is word of mouth. Ask clients about their companies. Gauge their interest in starting a program at their workplace (providing it is not a breach of your employee contract with a facility). Having a champion inside the company who can guide you is the best resource available.

Learn Who’s Who. Ideally, you want to have an audience with.

Also, read local business papers for information on top executives

Equipment Vendors. Make friends with your local equipment vendor. Find out which companies are installing gyms and how they are planning to staff them

Fees and Legal Considerations

Pricing. Don’t price yourself too low. Companies will value you more if you charge more.