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Adaptxt. Free. This is a cool keyboard for anyone who needs access to multiple languages.
Instructions for iPad air NEW to get Google APPs

Most of us already have basic dictation features that come with our phones, but this app is much more powerful than any of the features offered by ...
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Live streaming is now back in vogue with the growing popularity of Meerkat (free) and today's releaseof Twitter's Periscope (free). Both apps let you watch live video streams or broadcast your own stream right from your iPhone (coming soon to Android), and it could be an evolutionary change in the way we view all types of content.


This was the first year when splitting the bill at a restaurant became fun, thanks in large part to social-mobile payment apps like PayPal's Venmo and Square's Cash. As these apps become social networks of their own, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchatare looking to integrate mobile payments into their offerings.
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Apps on the Job

A mobile commerce ordering application platform that allows 
Moviegoers to order concession food from their mobile phones.

Your two-minute business pitch is one of the most valuable tools a small business owner can use in growing their business. Small Business Perfect Pitch gives you the tools needed to help make your pitch work for you and get your small business growing!

The new iPhone app aims to take social sharing applications to the next step with its ability to automatically curate, create and share rich media content, video, photos, etc.

that simplifies the process of creating and deploying Android apps for novice and expert developers alike. - See more at:

Developers can monetize their mobile apps in whole new ways usingFacebook Audience Network to extend advertisers’ Facebook campaigns into their mobile apps.
It’s basically Facebook’s version of Google AdWords, only much better and more powerful because the system leverages Facebook’s rich knowledge graph of its vast user base.
New app lets you mirror your iPhone or iPad’s display on any computer
Video on How to Remove Photos from My iPad or iPhone 

A new app designed to save you time by allowing you to string together various tasks and combine them into one action. 
Wickr (Android, Apple; Free) creates an end-to-end encrypted communication channel with no weak points. Even Wickr can't read your messages.