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Deeplinking into AdWords from the AdWords Reporting Section in GA: AdWords logos now appear next to each campaign in Google Anlaytics. Clicking that logo takes you right to that campaign in AdWords. You no longer have to open AdWords separately and search for the right campaign to make changes.
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Google Inc. plans to push deeper into online commerce by enhancing its Google Shopping service with features that more directly challenge Inc.
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Latest Adword TutorialLearning How it Works - Some Advice

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Customer Match marks the first time advertisers will be able to set bids and create specific ads tailored to customer audience segments built with first-party data.

Google Makes Video Advertising Easier, Merges YouTube TrueView With AdWords Dashboard 
LongTail Keywords: Win at SEO and Acquire More Qualified Leads     
Find the right long tail keywords, and you’ll gain a serious advantage over your competitors. A long tail keyword is any search phrase that has three or four words in it – or more.

Google AdWords Announces New Tools & Formats As Mobile Search Surpasses Desktop

For the first time, Google has stated that mobile searches have overtaken desktop in 10 countries. That news set the backdrop for the second-annual Inside AdWords event that was broadcast in a livestream Tuesday, during which the company announced a number of new product updates. 

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New Automated Bidding Rules Feature Now Available In Bing Ads

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Google Inc. plans to push deeper into online commerce by enhancing its Google Shopping service with features that more directly challenge Inc.

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Google Changes Search Funnels

Google Adwords automatically converts Flash ads to HTML5


APP to Manage Adwords  Campaign


The New AdWords Opportunities Tab - How to Get the Most Out Of It

Location, Location, Location

Google Automation Rules

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When You Download Power Point from Google Drive - Click View - Then Click Present
A series of Videos Using Big Commerce Store Video 3,4 and 5 and Others Pay Per Click GREAT
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You just pointed out a very good point. Irrelevant keywords will waste a lot of money but earn tons of dollars for Google - Comment from a Client.  Better to use PPC properly

Google Using Jumpfly
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Adwords vs Facebook Ads

Google AdWords Third-Party “Review Extensions” Start Rolling Out To All Accounts

Tips on Hiring an Adword Agency
Google Adwords Update TrueView Video Advertising 
Adwords Trueview Video Ads or Facebook Video Ads?Read more at 
How to Get Started with Native Ads

What To Look For When You See Discrepancies In AdWords And Analytics

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With AdWords Express, you control how much you spend by setting a budget. To make sure you see results from your campaign, a budget range will be recommended when you sign up.

Google Pushes Advertisers to Smaller Screens

For many small businesses (and larger ones too) the cost of rebuilding the website to suit google's demands is more than the possible return is worth. There are many other highly effective search engines out there, for example, so we're going to disregard the google imperative.
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