Question:  How to start a Senior Advisory Service?

14 Things Your Should Consider in Promoting Your Business

  1. Talk with workers at local elderly centers to learn what their residents need
  2. Attend AARP meetings and offer to give a talk about your services.
  3. Determine how you will structure your business.  
  4. Give your business a descriptive, easy-to-remember name.
  5. Get first aid and CPR certification from Red Cross
  6. Contact a local business attorney to find out what licenses, if any, you need to start your business.  Use the NYC Wizard
  7. Do a Business plan.   Types of Services and Pricing, etc.
  8. Create a Web Site and/or a Blog.  
  9. Keep up to date using Google Alert and Government Publications for your website..
  10. Join Social Media – Join Groups related to your services.  Offer advice and learn how to talk to an elderly person.
  11. Make comments on other popular blogs with a backlink to your website.
  12. Get Listed on All Local Listing Sites including SI Live.
  13. Make fliers and Business Cards – include eMail Address
  14. Consider a YouTube Video and an eBook for promotion.  Use eBook ad on your website and make money or write your own.
Consider Becoming a Certified Senior Advisor 

The links below do not reflect our recommendation of any company and their products. They are shown to enable you to become familiar with this field of endeavor. 

A Senior Web Site Providing Advisory Services  An Example of a Web Site

Join Forums Make Comments Link Back

Get Listed in Directories 

Helping the Elderly on Twitter - Join in The Discussion

Helping the Elderly on Facebook - Good Profile and Good Business Page 

Helping the Elderly Forums - Join the most popular first

Five core areas of knowledge are covered by the examination. Core areas include:

  • Health Aspects of Aging (Physical and Mental): 25 percent of the examination
  • Social Aspects of Aging: 25 percent of the examination
  • Understanding and Communicating with Seniors: 20 percent of the examination
  • Financial and Legal Aspects of Aging: 20 percent of the examination
  • Government Assistance for Seniors: 10 percent of the examination
Sample Header for Blog # 1

Sample Header for Your Blog Website # 2

Free stuff for Your Blog or Website to Attract Visitors 

Staten Island Resource for Senior Services Not for Profit Carol Dunn, Director

Idea of Business to Pursue   Non Profit - Community Transportation Assn. of America

Note from Our First Session From Client

I appreciate your vote of confidence. I would like to schedule another appointment as soon as possible. Sitting with 1 person with a strong business background is great, sitting with all 3 of you words cant express my experience.


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