Introduction Video 2 min
Starting a Small Restaurant
Small Can be Good
Choose the Right Location for a Small Restaurant
Write Your Business Plan
Flexibility is also important when planning a smaller dining space
Promote Your Small Restaurant
Start-Up Costs and Monthly Expenses 
What a Bank Needs to Provide an SBA Loan
Advantage Over Large Restaurants – Can have a unique ambiance
Low Start-Up Costs
10 Things to Know About Choosing a Location
Visibility – Is great free publicity
Avoid a location that had past failures
Choose a successful area
What to Know About a Business Lease

  • Take time and do your homework.
  • Business leases are not like dwelling rentals..
  • Negotiate
  • If this is your first time, speak to landlords, brokers, tec.
  • Understand rental rates.
  • Understand space.
  • Location, location, location
  • Put it in writing.  Oral promises not enforcable
  • Don’t start with a long term lease
  • Check Building Codes
Sample Small Restaurant Business Plan –
Restaurant Listing Service

ƒAre you ready for the challenge?
ƒHow much profit should you expect?
ƒFranchise or Not?
ƒDeciding on a concept
ƒDeciding on a Location, should I buy or lease a location?
ƒDesigning the restaurant
ƒDesigning the menu
ƒWhat are the costs involved in setting up a restaurant?
ƒBuying Equipment
ƒRaising Finance
ƒForming a company
ƒRegistration and licenses
ƒWhat insurance do I need?
ƒSome Tax stuff
ƒWhat are the best Catering Industry Trade Shows?

ƒWhat industry associations are there for support?

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