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Class 1 - 2 - 3 All must register - Most class 1 devices do not need approval - watch video below.


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The State of New York (NY) does not require a Durable Medical Equipment License.

New York City requires a license for sale of medical equipment to disabled

Advice from a Consultant
Do your due diligence and determine exactly what products you want to offer and their profit margins. Some products require more work and you have to keep that in mind - it slims your profit margins. Some product lines pay on a capped rental (kind of like rent to own) over a period of time and you are responsible for the maintenance as long as it is considered a rental.

You must determine which payer sources you will be a provider for. Most (almost all) medical equipment companies are enrolled with Medicare and Medicaid and have private insurance contracts. Now, to obtain a provider number with Medicare you must meet all 26 supplier standards. The biggest, most labor intensive of these being - you must be accredited. There are a number of accrediting bodies but there is a minimum $2,500.00 cost and that is a REALLY low number. You must choose wisely! Most Medicaids are requiring this for new suppliers or will be shortly as well. Most private insurance carriers are requiring this to be considered in-network.

Know how to get reimbursed. There are a lot of different software programs out there. Doctor billing software is not conducive to medical equipment billing! Some software is expensive! Some are web-based. There are billing services that can do your billing for you if you do not want to purchase software right away. Know what they are doing! Make sure what they are reporting to you is enough. Remember, they work for you. Be careful who you choose.

Last - Know your payer sources rules! You must know how to be compliant. There are specific guidelines you must follow. Do not allow someone to tell you how it is done. Make them SHOW you in writing. Don't hire someone that can "run" your company and/or billing department unless you know that they are doing things the compliant way! Do not hire a consultant that just says "do it this way" and cannot SHOW you why! You - the owner - are ultimately responsible for what goes on in the company, so knowing the compliance and regulatory part of this business is imperative! Hope this helps! If you have any further questions or would like further assistance, again you are welcomed to email me at
Deanna Myers
Medical Equipment Consultant

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