What we need to know to Help You
Need Copy of Existing Cash Flow Projections.
What does the product do – Unique? – Patentable?
The prototypes for your company's first two products – cost, price, etc.
How many other products.
Need to know State of your entity. LLC – Already formed? 
Relationship with University- Who owns idea.

Colleges and universities own the ideas and technologies invented by the people who work for them, including professors and graduate students who are paid to do research. Most universities also own inventions created by students using a significant amount of their resources, even if the inventors are undergraduates

LASER pulse slicing product – Does this describe your idea.

NDA – Non- Disclosure Agreement
1.      Its often in your interests to share the “what” (but not details of the how) as early in the process as possible.  In this case, an NDA is not relevant.
2.      Don’t rely on an NDA to protect the truly “secret” stuff.  It’s likely not going to give you the protection you think it is.
3.      Your odds of actually getting someone to sign the NDA are low anyway, so it’s likely not worth the effort.

ITAR regulations