I run a sole termite and pest control business.  My income is limited to my own labor and wish to expand my business without compromising it’s quality.

Get employees and train them so they see a future working for you.  Start with one and interview carefully.  Getting help frees up time to promote and grow your business.  Working by yourself limits you to a lifetime of labor and not accumulating sufficient funds for possible disability or retirement.

How to Get and Keep Good Employees – Our Article in the Staten Island Advance

Create a Free Website – such as  Weebly or Blog – Use all the  tutorials provided in this Blog.
No time to do this?  Engage someone in the family or engage an intern from a local college majoring in marketing with good computer skills.  Have your intern come to our workshops and we will provide the information needed,

Using the Social Media wisely – to gain exposure
How to join discussion groups on Facebook  and Twitter  that might be interested in your services.
We will explain how good information can be obtained daily to write about.

Create a Business Plan - Here is a sample for a service type business plans.

Best of luck and success in your future endeavors.