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New York License Requirment

Client Website  Came Up #  4 on Search. Make it more personal - Blog Tour Experiences - Tell Story - Wear Uniform
Could Use AutoPlay as Introduction - How to Video
Competition Websites - Get Listed and Recommended
Popular Listing Site to Use
WorldWeb - Came Up #1 on Search on Google - "Tour Guide Staten Island"
Wanderfly  is the best place to discover and share personalized travel recommendations. 
Manta Free Advertising
Step by Step Guide - Different Types to Specialize In
Connect with Bed and Breakfast Sites Staten Island - New York
Write a Business Plan - See Samples 
Use Blog to Promote Tour Guide Business
Tips Dealing With Foreigners Video  Hire a student speaking customers language -wear uniform
Get Listed on GuideBookAmerica Video
Get Listed on Trip Advisor Have Customers Make Comments About You
Google Adwords for Video - Open for an PPC ad on personal level.
Google Adwords for Search Small Business Approach - Low Budget
Go to Adwords Tutorial on This Blog
Use Google Translate Services and Target Visitors from other Countries
How to Use Translation Service
Learn Any Foreign Language Quickly
eMail Marketing
Sample of an email Promotion 
Get Listed on WikiTravel
Join Forums Discussing Travel - For Tours and Tourists
Get Listed on World Web
Facebook - Complete Tutorial
Facebook Marketing Business Guide
Twitter - Complete Tutorial and Other Social Media Sites
How to use Twitter for Your Business - Join travel discussion groups
Getting Traffic to Website
Make Videos  Sample Video - Quality video for your website or blog
Placing Ads for Your Business - Many places to place ads
Consider Groupon Video
Groupon Power Point - Study this before trying - Very important - Click View Present
Try New Google Maps - Video Your Tour - Mobile APP
How to Cope with Festivals and Events
Foursquare - New App - Find people in your area - offer deal - only pay when used.

Where Else to List Your Business




Yext How to Get Listed Everywhere

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