Learn how to make soap that is visually appealing, smells good, and works well when used.

Soap making is a little more complicated than some other crafts because it involves processing and the right mix of ingredients.
 Get lots of practice at making soap before you attempt to sell it or spend money on the business. Use it yourself and give it away to get reviews and constructive criticism.

nTalk to a professional about how to start a soap making business. A local attorney, accountant or member of the Small Business Administration
nSCORE can help you decide how to structure your business, register with the IRS and handle accounting and taxes.

nStart selling your soap at local shops, farmers markets, and craft booths. You may want to travel to various craft shows during the holiday season to broaden your customer base.
nGo online to sell your soap. Design a simple website, or sell on Etsy, eBay and other online stores.
nHave business cards, a brochure and catalogs designed and printed to advertise your homemade soap. Send updated catalogs or newsletters to existing customers to get repeat business