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The case information below has been created to satisfy the needs of several clients involved in the import-export field of endeavor.   This explains the variety of information provided, which can benefit anyone interested in different aspects of the import and export arena.  Currently one client is interested in expanding his export business of varied products to Ghana, the other is interested in expanding her sales of imported cocoa.  

Import Export 
The differences between a Broker - Agent  -Forwarder
Genaral business scope:  tracking the transportation, custom clearance, inspection,

General business scope:  business negotiation, sign the sales contract on behave of customer, follow up the contract, arrange international transportation, book space, purchase insurance,apply import and export license,chineses label,inspection and related formalities,draft all kinds of professional documents,custom clearance, international settlement, tax rebate and all the other formalites of international trade.

General business scope:  transportation,contact with custom,inspection and import and export agent on behalf of their client.

Export Management Companies (EMCs) are domestic firms that serve as the export department of several noncompetitive manufacturers.  Thus, EMCs travel abroad to locate foreign buyers, exhibit products at international trade shows and provide financing to potential customers.
 The management of the EMC solicits sales for a commission, salary, or retainer plus commission. In many cases, the EMC is invoiced by the manufacturer and in turn invoices the customer, assuming responsibility for shipping, export documentation

Advice on Being a Trade Broker Video  - Good advice on how to behave in any business
When is Licensing Required - 

Import Export Business
Tips for New Import/Export
Introductory Video - Import/Export as a Business -No License - Learn - Plan - Multi Language 
HOW TO GET PAID WHEN SHIPPING OVERSEAS - Letter of Credit- Documentary Draft, Factoring, Payment in US Dollars, Export Insurance Sold by US Export-Import Bank, Barter
SBA EXPORT TUTORIAL - Includes SBA Loan Resources
Find Storage for Mdse Video

Resources to Sell and Source Overseas

The Top 5 Cocoa Bean Producing Countries - Should be of interest to both clients.
Leaving a Company and Keeping Your Customers
Trade with Ghana
Trade with Ghana Embassy Info
Ghana Government and Future Video
FACTS - Export Requirements from UK to Ghana
FAQ - About Ghana
Political Considerations
Trade with South America
Latin Trade Information
Latin America Trade Census
Tips on Doing Business with China  Success Based on Relationships - not cold calling
USA Govt Answers Questions
US Govt Statistics
Custom Clearing Fees
Import and Export Books
Advice on Foreign Trade
Sell Cocoa on Line to China
Spreadsheet Sample for Cocoa - Download to Excel File
Power Point for Cocoa - Download to MS Power Point

Sample Joint Venture Agreement as Opposed to a Franchise

Joint Venture Tutorial - From American Bar Assn.

Joint Venture Sample Agreement

Client Comments
Dear Mr. Harkin and SCORE Team,
It was my pleasure meeting such a team of great brains and experience yesterday. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you and the team for the opportunity and the invaluable advice and thoughts that you shared with me. I am so grateful and feel really lucky and blessed to have you work with me on developing my business. I appreciate that so much.
I have taken note of all the critical issues discussed and those sent to me in your mail. I promise to work on them to take my business to a new level.
Kindly find attached a copy of my financial projections. Please note EXPENSES may look very low because it is based on operations in Ghana and not here in the USA.
I look forward to your advice and comments in improving the financials and developing a business plan.
Kindly extend my deepest appreciation and regards to all the team members.
Thank you very much for having me there.
The meeting was very helpful,  I understand that there is a lot of details that I have to work on that I am not well familiar with.  Milton brings out an excellent point when he mentioned that I have to be thinking in the business point of view, I love it and I want to get there as soon as possible.  Also I found very helpful listening  to Dick, his comments make me see points that i have't consider for the costs.  I learned from Francis too his information regarding the forming the company was very clear. Over all as you said was a fruitful meeting and I am more clear in what I have to focus more on.  Thank you very for your help and your support I am very happy that I contacted your Score office.



Question from Jenny
 Regarding the chocolate importation. the chocolate manufacturer works with FOB, CIF and EXWORKS TERMS.   I did my web research but I still would like to clarify. What would be the best option for me?

From SCORE Counselor, a member of our team – Sue Quadrino

The difference in shipping terms are:
FOB-freight on board.  Supplier is responsible for transportation from factory to ship.  Customs entry value is the FOB price.
CIF-terms are cost of goods insurance and freight charge.  Customs entry value is reduced by the cost of the insurance and freight.
EXWORKS-importer would cover cost of transportation to dock.
I would suggest that as a new importer, Jenny get quotes for all 3 terms.  Ultimately, I would recommend that she buy FOB and she could then get quotes from shippers here for freight (ocean or air) from Ecuador to NY.
Her chosen broker will inform her of duty rates, etc., but I expect that import duty for cocoa from Ecuador is free.  She would have to pay a Merchandise Processing Fee of .3464% with a minimum of $25.  There is also a very small percentage charged for ocean shipments (Harbor Maintenance Fee).  For new importers, and especially with food products the first shipments may be examined by Customs, costing approximately $500.  Jenny has been informed of this by her broker.


IFC International Banking


Chocolate Website Example

Another Chocolate Website Example

Key Elements Of An Effective Website

2. Content

The most effective website will reflect best practices across all of these elements.

Do a Search for "Crowdfunding Chocolate"