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Vito Echevarria is a veteran journalist who specializes in U.S. and international trade with Cuba.  He has traveled to Havana frequently since the late 1990s (securing Treasury Dept. clearance to conduct journalism there).  Echevarria has been writing for the Washington, D.C.-based publication CubaNews since that time, along with a variety of other publications – from CNBC European Business magazine (London), to Trader Monthly and DealMaker magazines (New York), Global Trade magazine (Los Angeles), and América Economía (Santiago, Chile), among others.  

Many of Echevarria’s features have covered Cuba’s transition from a Latin outpost of Soviet expansionism to state-controlled capitalism (nicknaming the island “Cuba Inc.”).  As a result, there’s now an emerging foreign investment scene in Cuba – ranging from oil drilling ventures to luxury golf resorts and real estate projects.  This was able to happen because, since the mid-1990s, the Cuban government (under Fidel Castro), which stopped receiving aid from the Soviet Union after the collapse of Communism, was compelled to pass a new law that allowed foreign investment in that island.  Since then, various Canadian and Western European companies (in particular) have launched ventures there (especially in tourism, but other areas too, from nickel mining, to cigars, etc.)

Regarding U.S. trade relations with Cuba, some of the game-changing stories that Echevarria has covered involved amendments in the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba.  During President Bill Clinton's last year in office (2000), he passed the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act (TSRA), which legalized the sale and export of U.S. food & agricultural products into Cuba, on humanitarian grounds.  Since then, Cuba’s purchases of U.S. food & agricultural products skyrocketed from just US$4 million in 2001 to as much as US$710 million in 2008 – with multi-million-dollar sales still being made into 2014. 

With U.S. agribusiness giants (such as Archers Daniel Midland, Tyson Foods, and Louis Dreyfus), as well as farm-belt governors such as Nebraska’s Dave Heineman and Georgia’s Sonny Perdue encouraging American food exports to Cuba, a range of products --from Nebraska wheat, to dried beans, frozen chicken, soybeans, and apples, along with packaged supermarket-ready food items – have found their way into Havana’s supermarkets and thriving tourist resorts. 

My Services Include:

Consulting Service – expediting U.S. food & agricultural exports to Cuba, which includes:

●  assisting clients with obtaining U.S. Treasury Dept. clearance to conduct licensed travel to Cuba (to attend meetings with prospective buyers and participate in trade shows)
●  advising clients on paperwork needed to expedite U.S. exports to Cuba

Business Development – assisting U.S. food manufacturers and brands create new market opportunities in Cuba.

Inquiries should be forwarded to:

Vito Echevarria
New York, NY
Cell:  646/321-0733    Below are links to Vito TV appearance.




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