1.         Buy one or two well-regarded books on inventing. Look for those that focus on making money, not just patents and read them. I frequently hear from people who say, "I bought your book but I am still confused." In answer to a couple questions I find they have not actually read the book. After this step you may adapt the next five steps to incorporate what you have learned in your research.
2.         Conduct market research. Identify products on the market, both online and in stores that are similar to your product idea, and note which companies make them and where they are sold.
3.         Spend time on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website to identify and read any patents similar to your concept
4.         Develop as good a prototype as possible with your available resources. This can be as basic as a drawing or as evolved as a professionally made product.
5.         Connect with other entrepreneurs in your local area or online to share information, resources & offer support.
6.         Draft a simple business plan; starting with the fundamentals.
Avoid the temptation to takepe too good to be true sounding shortcuts. Be highly skeptical of those who claim to have unique access and ability to take your product to market for you starting with a basic feasibility study. You are the best person to take your product to market so get started!  

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Patents are territorial and must be filed in each country where protection is sought.

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