67% of millennial mobile users tap into social networks via smartphones. Kargo gets you in their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram feeds with units that sync up with their swiping and selfie behaviors.
Kargo develops and publishes some of the worlds most innovative and exciting mobile entertainment and lifestyle products. Kargo provides the most up to date content capabilities that comply with carrier standards. Our capabilities enable us to provide an incredibly quick time to market with dynamic customization to meet the evolving needs of our partners programs.
 Our focus is to identify and leverage the natural synergies shared between print, television, web and mobile. We do this by focusing on the following areas: Mobile Publishing/Messaging Services: With Kargos Advanced Messaging Platform (KAMP) Kargo enables companies to generate rich messages and manage subscription lists to communicate with their customers on a more intimate level. Users benefit by receiving rich and timely information on the go while publishers are empowered with the tools to receive valuable business intelligence as well as monetize advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Mobile Web:
 Kargo enables brands that wish to have a superior mobile presence to enter the market quickly and easily. Kargo does this with minimum backend integration and maintenance. Mobile Personalization: Kargos extensive catalog of quality ringtones, ringbacks, graphics and games is continuously updated and maintained. Kargo distributes this content across every major carrier in the United States.