Starting an On-Line Business
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Starting Out
         Write down your 3 biggest blogging challenges
         Often what stops you from starting anything are little roadblocks that become excuses.
         Then what happens is this. Nothing.
         It could be technophobia, lack of money, little or no time, fear of failure,
         wanting to be perfect, not sure what your passion is, stuck in your
         comfort zone etc
         How I will solve this challenge:
Creating your mission statement
         Building a successful blog means becoming clear about whom you are,
         What you are passionate about and what you want to achieve. This may
         Require some reading, research and quiet contemplation.
         1. Write down 5 of your key strengths
         2. Write down 5 of your areas of expertise
         Eg. Writing, Programming, Photography, Marketing, Accounting etc
         3. Write down 5 things you are passionate about
         Eg. Writing, Video production, music, reading etc

Understanding your audience
         The aim of this exercise is to get to understand the audience of
         the top bloggers in your niche.
         Identify the top bloggers in your niche
         Go to Google or any other search engine and enter a search term for the “top 10 bloggers/influencers” in your industry. It could be fashion, photography, food, web design… etc.
         Eg “Top 10 bloggers in fashion”
         List them
Launching your blogging platform
         The aim of this exercise is to create and or optimize your blog
         to improve its performance.
         1. List the top 5 things you could implement in the next
         month that would improve the following.
         • Sharing
         • Social proof
         • Email list building
         • Growing your followers on social networks
         Go to the top blogs in your industry and see what they
         are doing that you could model
         There is no need to reinvent the wheel.
         Look at the things they do and list what you could model to
         help improve your blog. It could be traffic growing tactics,
         messaging etc.
Creating great content
         The aim of this exercise is to help you find the inspiration to
         create great content that your target audience will want to read
         and share.
         1. Write 10 headlines for future blog posts for your
         existing blog or your new blog
         Use the top headline tactics we learned in this section.
         Write 5 new blog posts for the best headlines
         Write a great opening line, introduction, use simple language,
       sub-titles, bullet points and include visuals that you can use to
       amplify sharing on social media.

·         The aim of this exercise is to explore the different ways to
make money from your blog. Then you need to identify which
ones will be the most attractive to the lifestyle and business
that you want to create.
·         Write down the 3 top types of revenue models that suit
your goals and lifestyle choices.
·         Is it an authority site that positions you as an expert and drives
leads that you can convert into consulting clients?

·         You may consider affilate marketing.
         Again there is no right or wrong.
         Maybe you need to experiment with multiple revenue streams.
         E-books, speaking, Joint venture marketing etc
.   Most bloggers make money from multiple sources . List 3 different online course topics that you think your target audience needs to be educated about.
         List the headlines for 3 e-books that you could sell on your blog

        Facebook Ads
        Google Adwords
        Social Media
        Organic Search SEO
        Email List

Regualar Sites
         Google Plus
         Yik Yak

Go to their blogs and websites and do some

         : This means looking at their comments from their readers, what
         sort of content the write about and the media preferences they
         Go to their social media networks and watch and
         Go and review their Twitter stream, Facebook posts, Youtube
         channel, Instagram account and Pinterest network and see
         what their followers tweet about, like and share.
         Write down the 10 most asked questions/problems
         in your industry
         This will provide the inspiration to both understand their
         mindset and what content you could create to help solve it.

Find the Shakers and Movers in Your Niche

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         Your blogs
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         Submit your Twitter Account

Email Marketing Tips

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Discovering Your Focus and Passion
Identifying and understanding your Target Market
Launching and Optimizing your Blogging Platform
Creating Content that attracts traffic
How to make money from your Blog
Marketing Your Blog
Converting Traffic into Sales