Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing

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 Plan your attack. Define who your best prospects are, and then determine the best way to reach them.

Will you find them on Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest or Facebook, Forums and Blogs?

Look for groups or conversations that talk about your type of products or services and participate in the conversations, but don't spam them with constant promos for what you sell.  Join targeted Forums such as shown below.

The Corporate IT Forum - Home Page

Forums - TechRepublic

Techist - Tech Forum IT Certification Forums

 What about in-person networking at local business meetings? Will they be searching for your type of product on Google or Bing?

Set up a listing for your business in search engine local directories.  Google and Bing both offer a free listing for local businesses.

To get listed on Google, go to Google My Business

To get listed on Bing, go to Bing Places for Business

Yahoo charges for local listings, but you get listed on a lot more than Yahoo if you buy their service. The service, called Yahoo Localworks, costs $29.99 a month and lists you in 50 directories including

Yahoo Local, Yelp, WhitePages, Bing, Mapquest and more. The benefit of paying: You have a single location to enter your data to make it consistent and available on multiple online directories that your customers might search to find what you sell.

Set your business profile or page up on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Be sure your business profile includes a good description, keywords and a link to your website.

If you're just starting out and don't have a business card and business stationery, have them made up -- immediately. Your business card, letterhead and envelope tell prospective customers you are a professional who takes your business seriously. Be sure to list your website address on your business card and, letterhead and any handouts you create.

Sign up for an email service, and send an email newsletter and/or promotional offers to customers and prospects for your business.

Be sure you ask for permission to send email before putting any person's email name on your list. One good way to build a permission-based email list of people who want your mailings is to give something away. It could be a free ebook, or even a free tip-sheet on how to do something related to your business.  

Attend meetings of professional groups, and groups such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, or civic associations

Ask for work or leads. Contact nonprofit organizations, schools and colleges, and even other businesses that have customers who may need your services.

Network with others who are doing the same type of work you are. Let them know you are available to handle their work overloads. (But don't try to steal their customers. Word will get out, and will ruin your business reputation.)

Offer to be a speaker. Industry conferences, volunteer organizations, libraries, and local business groups often need speakers for meetings.

Put videos of your product or service on YouTube and other video-sharing and slide-sharing sites.

If you use a car or truck in your business have your business name and contact information professionally painted on the side of the vehicle If you don't want the business name painted on the vehicle, consider using magnetic signs.

Get on the telephone and make "cold calls." These are calls to people who you would like to do business with. Briefly describe what you do and ask for an appointment to talk to them about ways you can help them meet a need or solve a problem.

Use other people to sell your product or service. Instead of (or in addition to) selling your products yourself, look for affiliates, resellers or people who will generate leads for you in return for a commission on sales.

Get together with businesses who serve the same market, but sell different products and services. Make arrangements to pass leads back and forth, or share mailings.

Test buying Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on the search engines. If you are not yet advertising on search engines search for offers that give you $50 or $75 in free advertising to start.

Read the directions for the service you plan to use, and very carefully watch what you spend on a daily or more frequent basis until you are comfortable using PPC ads and see you are getting a return on your investment.


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