Image result for skin careHow to Promote Yourself as a Skin Care Consultant

Step 1: Collect Testimonials and Pictures
Possibly the most powerful marketing tools you can use in skin care consulting are pictures accompanied by testimonials
Step 2: Market Online
Start your own website and a blog to begin drawing in web traffic. Your website should contain the testimonials and pictures, and your blog should be on a topic related to your business; for example, it could review skin care products.
You should make sure your website is optimized for search engines to capture as much attention as possible. Also, consider purchasing PPC (Pay Per Click)
You should also consider joining websites and forums which are devoted to beauty and skin care. make sure your voice is heard on these sites. For a start, try joining:
Try offering helpful information and having your website link in your signature so people can find you if they believe you were helpful. This will help you network and build connections, as well as increase interest in your service.
Step 3: Advertise Locally
You can get a lot of customers by offering free, quick consultations and selling products or more in-depth consultations at conventions and the like
Networking online and advertising locally are both good ways to begin building a client base. Most importantly, though, make sure you have pictures of the results people can expect by using you as their consultant.
I’ve been making essential oil facial blends a long time – since I first became a certified Aromatherapist, in fact. I used to have a long list of clients for whom I would customize essential oil blends, and for each of them, I would sit down and do a lengthy consultation about their top skin concerns as well as do skin patch testing with specific essential oils. Since I can’t sit with you in person and do the skin patch testing, I am going to ask that you do a skin patch test on your own whenever you want to use essential oils you’ve never used before – it’s very important. The last thing you want is to make up an essential oil blend for yourself and have it be irritating! Red and inflamed are NOT adjectives we want used to describe our face (our lips, on the other hand, are another story, but more on that later).

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