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The Rich + Clean is a natural skin and body care company catering specifically to men. 

The Rich + Clean is about combining the richest and most natural ingredients to help protect, nurture and cleanse your body.  We realized how important “natural” is and how most of the products available are not! These unnatural  chemicals and ingredients that we put on our bodies are being absorbed through our skin and can cause damage now and in the future. As men, we often look past our skin care until it's a problem; mainly because all the good products available are catered to women.  The Rich + Clean is here to create amazing skin and body care products for men, that not only use the richest and most natural ingredients, but are also 100% handmade in Brooklyn, NY.  

How to Promote Yourself as a Skin Care Consultant

Step 1: Collect Testimonials and Pictures
Possibly the most powerful marketing tools you can use in skin care consulting are pictures accompanied by testimonials
Step 2: Market Online
Start your own website and a blog to begin drawing in web traffic. Your website should contain the testimonials and pictures, and your blog should be on a topic related to your business; for example, it could review skin care products.
You should make sure your website is optimized for search engines to capture as much attention as possible. Also, consider purchasing PPC (Pay Per Click)
You should also consider joining websites and forums which are devoted to beauty and skin care. make sure your voice is heard on these sites. For a start, try joining:
Try offering helpful information and having your website link in your signature so people can find you if they believe you were helpful. This will help you network and build connections, as well as increase interest in your service.
Step 3: Advertise Locally
You can get a lot of customers by offering free, quick consultations and selling products or more in-depth consultations at conventions and the like
Networking online and advertising locally are both good ways to begin building a client base. Most importantly, though, make sure you have pictures of the results people can expect by using you as their consultant.
I’ve been making essential oil facial blends a long time – since I first became a certified Aromatherapist, in fact. I used to have a long list of clients for whom I would customize essential oil blends, and for each of them, I would sit down and do a lengthy consultation about their top skin concerns as well as do skin patch testing with specific essential oils. Since I can’t sit with you in person and do the skin patch testing, I am going to ask that you do a skin patch test on your own whenever you want to use essential oils you’ve never used before – it’s very important. The last thing you want is to make up an essential oil blend for yourself and have it be irritating! Red and inflamed are NOT adjectives we want used to describe our face (our lips, on the other hand, are another story, but more on that later).

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Video content accounts for approximately 80 percent of all U.S. Internet traffic, according to Cisco Systems. If video isn’t part of your business’s content marketing strategy, perhaps it should be. Here is a list of solutions to create and distribute video content...

Learn How to Use Videos for Promotion

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Purchase Orders

Invariably, successful products catch the attention of retail store purchasing agents. If your product meets their criteria – it’s great, has mass appeal, and is profitable – you may get a purchase order. Most initial purchase orders tend to be “test runs” for a few hundred thousand dollars. And here is where things start to fall apart.

Financing works only with products that have high gross margins – often 20% to 30%. This limitation can rule out this method of funding for commodity-type products.

Most startups subcontract their large-scale manufacturing overseas. And your manufacturer won’t do a production run unless you pay them first. This dilemma can leave your startup with an all-too-common problem: a large order but not enough money to fulfill it. Many great products have perished at these cross-roads.

Could conventional options help? Maybe.

One way to handle this problem is to look for conventional financing. Having a purchase order on hand is certainly proof that your product could be viable. Some banks may actually provide funding.
The problem is that retail purchase orders tend to have tight deadlines. Your bank’s underwriting department may not be able to meet your deadline since they often take weeks to make a decision.

Another avenue is venture capital or angel investments. The right investor could provide the funds that you need. Furthermore, they could provide additional access to capital which could help you scale your startup.

This strategy poses two problems. First, finding a venture capitalist (or angel) is extremely difficult. And most of them invest in only a small fraction of the deals they evaluate. However, having a PO from a major retail on hand definitely helps you get noticed.

The second problem, at least in my view, is that you have to surrender equity to the VC when the value of your company is very low but your potential is high. As a result, choose and Angel or VC that brings more than just money to the table. Choose one that brings contacts and experience as well.

Keep your equity. One way to finance your orders

One increasingly popular alternative finance tool in recent years is purchase order financing. This solution is designed to help companies finance the supplier costs associated with a large purchase order from a commercial buyer. Basically, the finance company uses your purchase order as collateral for the transaction. They pay your supplier, which allows the supplier to manufacture the product. Once manufacturing is completed, the product is shipped and the order concludes. The transaction settles once the customer pays the invoice. Read this article for more information on purchase order funding.

Like any solution, purchase order financing has some disadvantages. The primary disadvantage is that it works only if you use a well-known and established third-party company to manufacture your product. Another disadvantage is that purchase order
However, purchase order funding offers startups and entrepreneurs two key advantages. First, it scales easily. Most lines are structured to grow alongside your business. This  allows startups to use purchase order financing to build a track record of growth and then move on to more traditional financing.

The second advantage is that purchase order funding does not require you to give up any equity. The funding is transactional – and when the transaction is complete, you are done. This feature can help startups whose founders want to grow the business without giving up equity.

One word of caution

The biggest financing mistake that your startup can make is waiting until you have a purchase order in hand to get financing. Most purchase orders have 60- to 90-day deadlines. And, underwriting a transaction can take several weeks. The best approach is to start discussions ahead of the order so that you can have the funding lined up if the order materializes.