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 Steps to Building a Successful Niche Business

Create a Simple Service A simple service is a singular offering that focuses on the needs of a narrowly defined customer base Create a Blog for frequent posting.  Platform to use depends on your computer skills. 

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Make Your header personal and related to your subject.

For Lengthy Writings Use the Read More Button

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How to Put Tabs on Top of Blog 


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Getting Content for Blog/Website

 Study competition.  Think products.

Craft Your Niche Marketplace. Starting an on-line business. What to know.  Finding Your Niche to Blog

 The key to your simple service's success is to capitalize on a niche marketplace that you feel is being underserved.

Connect with your niche marketplace's key decision makers, enthusiasts, and influencers using social networks such C

Become the Niche's Leading Authority. As the creator of your simple service, you offer your niche marketplace valuable insight and advice. 

Be Specific, Distinctive and Relevant Seize every opportunity to point out why your service is a better fit for your niche marketplace than competitive offerings.

Keep hammering your message home.  Be patient  and get updates from google alert, google news etc.


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 Get Guest Blogging Jobs

Why Guest Bloggers are Great for a Blog
The blogger who does the guest spot wins because it exposes them to a new readership and  if you link back to your blog or if you arrange to have a byline with a link in it you can directly draw traffic back to your own blog as a result. Of course if you’re going to include links in your post make them relevant to the post itself.

How to Find a Guest Blogger for Your Blog

How to Get Guest Blogging Jobs

How to Be a Good Guest Blogger

 Research the Blog – do a little homework on the blog that you’ll be writing for. Your posts will be much better received both by the blogger you’re helping out as well as their readers by finding answering some of the following questions before you start writing:

Who reads it?
What voice or style does the blogger write in?
What is the reach of the topic that is usually covered?
What posts get most comments?
What level is the blog pitched at
What are the unwritten rules of the blog?

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Title X Mission

Title X assists individuals and couples in planning and spacing births, contributing to positive birth outcomes and improved health for women and infants.
In addition to clinical services, Title X also funds the following program supports aimed at improving the quality of family planning services:
·                  Training for family planning clinic personnel through five national training programs that focus on clinical training; service delivery; management and systems improvement; coordination and strategic initiatives; and quality assurance/improvement and evaluation
·                  Family planning research and evaluation to improve Title X service delivery and inform the broader reproductive health care field
·                  Information dissemination and community-based education and outreach