How to Start a Home-Based Private Investigation Business

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License Requirement for Private Investigator - New York

The Department of State shall have the power to issue separate 
licenses to private investigators, bail enforcement agents and to watch, 
guard or patrol agencies. Nothing in this article shall prevent a private 
investigator licensed hereunder from performing the services of a watch, 
guard or patrol agency or bail enforcement agents however, a watch, guard or patrol agency or bail enforcement agents may not perform the services of a private investigator as defined herein.

Check with your state regarding requirements to becoming a licensed private investigator. You may need to pass a written examination. The state will conduct a background check on you, and you will pay a licensing fee. In some states, a license will not be issued to your start-up agency if you don’t have prior experience in the investigation business. Consider working for another licensed agency until you have accumulated the necessary work hours to apply for a license for your own company.

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