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Using Twitter to Promote Your Business
It’s free
Profiles are great for brand awareness for your business.
Twitter gives you a lead when conversation concerns your field.
Use Hashtags with keywords related to your business
.Use updates to make new connections.
Build followers that will write about you and your business
Drive traffic to your website/blog
You can connect with other business owners in your area 
How to Easily Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts
Are you managing multiple Twitter accounts? Wondering how to streamline your Twitter marketing? TweetDeck lets you engage, monitor and schedule tweets for multiple accounts from a single customizable dashboard. In this article you'll discover how to manage multiple Twitter accounts with TweetDeck. #1: Connect Your Twitter Accounts. The first step is to set up your TweetDeck account..

Periscope, Twitter's answer to Meerkat-style live streaming, is now available

Periscope App Explained in This Video

Getting Started on Twitter Advice
Twitter Analytics
Find, Analyze, and Optimize for Social Growth
Using Twitter for Business
·                                 Find and connect with new influencers in your niche.

 Use Twellow or Listorious to find people with common interests
4. Fill out your Twellow and We Follow profiles to make it easy for people to find you

Twitter Discussion in a Hangout on Air Video

Twitter Users Growing


When you  sign up, you have to “follow” dozens of people and organizations on the service and then hope they post items that actually interest you, since that is all you are going to see. 

Now, the company promised investors that it would soon introduce an “instant timeline” feature that would give new users great content pulled from the social network without going through the traditional setup process.

The first part of the sign-up process is unchanged.
But with the instant timeline, you don’t need to follow anyone. .
Twitter analyzes your contacts and uses information like who they are and who they follow on Twitter to guess which accounts and topics might interest you.

Twitter is finally acknowledging that whatever its value as a global, real-time, public information service, most people are too lazy or harried to invest time navigating its complexities until they know it is really useful to them.

Now still a work in progress.  

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