It’s fun to know you stand out from the rest of your competition, and video definitely helps you achieve this on LinkedIn.

Step 1.  Create Account and add application on LinkedIn

Step 2.  Upload a video to YouTube

Step 3.  Upload a presentation to your SlideShare account

Step 4.  Insert your YouTube link in the first slide of your presentation

Step 5.  Publish the SlideShare presentation on your profile

LinkedIn App Job Applications

 Premium accounts
With a premium account, you can send In eMails to reach anyone on LinkedIn, get hundreds of additional search results, save and organize profiles, and see more information about who's viewed your profile. If you have a free account and want to upgrade, you can compare account types described below.

               Business- for general business users
              Job Seeker - for job seekers
            Sales Navigator - for sales professionals
           Talent Finder - for individual recruiters and employers
             Recruiter - for enterprise recruiters