You have the choice of spending a lot of money to hire pros to create your website, but today there are many inexpensive alternatives. This link enables you to choose which software to use in designing your website/blog.  Of course, in choosing these programs you need to learn how to use them.  It will take some time but if your budget is small it is worth the effort.  Look at this review and determine what features and what cost you would be comfortable with.

The five promotional channels that were part of new or expanded budgets over the last year included website/e-commerce content, social media, mobile, paid search engine marketing and online display advertising. All are native to the digital world.

Blogger, Wordpress, and Tumblr: Which is the Best Bet for Your Business’ Blog?  This Blog has concentrated it's teaching tools for Google Blogger. However read this article to help decide which may be best for you.

Make a good post topic
Think what the post should accomplish
Do some keyword research
Use the read more button – when too long.
Add picture or graphic to post.
Use bullets when appropriate.
Add the links and then check that they work…
Check  for typos and awkward language  
Make Sure the Site Conforms to Mobile Devices


 Getting Material for Your Blog  Post Includes Google Alert

Link Building and Marketing Strategy