Facebook revamps post scheduling, adds drag-and-drop photos to pages 

Facebook signals deeper push into e-commerce with Pages redesign  

Facebook Joins the Collaborative EconomyFacebook has announced the launch of its Marketplace, a new feature in four countries that enables users to buy and sell their used goods using Facebook connections. While Facebook’s strongest advantage is a network of trusted users, it must develop more sophisticated features to compete against established players. But it has a good start, as the environmental benefits of Facebook Marketplace for helping individuals reuse goods rather than send them to the junk yard will be of particular help for many migrating students, new families, or those seeking to change up their personal items.

Facebook is making changes to its Pages service to attract more businesses, in part by giving them a new way to showcase their products.

Facebook tries a different way to chat with Rooms app

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What Is Facebook Live 360?

In 2016, after several months of experimentation with invited paid contributors, Facebook finally granted universal access to live video broadcasting to all Facebook users. The move was closely followed by Twitter and Instagram since both realized that live video delivers a sense of urgency and exclusivity that no other content form can match


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Facebook extends dynamic ads to Instagram after 2.5 billion products displayed


Facebook's WhatsApp tallies 700M monthly active users



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Facebook Messenger App Now Has Free Video Calling

Facebook Messenger Now Allows For Real-Time Customer Service Chat

Peppering a company’s Facebook page with questions and comments appears to be yesterday’s form of communication, as the social media site announced today that it’s giving users and companies the ability to chat with each other through its messenger app.

A complete Guide to Facebook Analytics 

Facebook Power Editor: To set up an advertising account with Facebook. This can be created easily at www.facebook.com/ads/ manage. This will enable you to access the Power Editor at www.facebook.com/ads/manage/powereditor. Unlike the Google AdWords interface, ads aren’t created and edited directly in Power Editor; instead, you “upload” them into the Facebook ads system when you’re ready to set them live.. Video

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