Video content accounts for approximately 80 percent of all U.S. Internet traffic, according to Cisco Systems. If video isn’t part of your business’s content marketing strategy, perhaps it should be. Here is a list of solutions to create and distribute video content...

See Below for Detailed Instructions on Editing YouTube Videos 

Benefits of having a promotional video on your business website

Why YouTube is a Great Marketing Tool

YouTube Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Guide

ScreenCastAutomatic  Captures screen and Webcam video and saves it or posts it online on YouTube or the program's Web site.  Free - 15 Minutes

ScreenCastAutomatic - Video Tutorial

How To Use Brainshark Advanced Tips For Video Marketing

Animoto Video Production  Create Animoto Slide Show Videos 

         YouTube Video Editor Video 

                                                         QWIKI Movie Maker APP

      Qwiki, is an iPhone app that allows users to gather photos, short video clips and other   multimedia and create a short, easily-shareable video clips.

          Purchased by Yahoo.

YouTube founders launch MixBit video-stitching app

1.           Sign in to your YouTube account
2.           Click the Upload button at the top of the page
3.           Click Edit on the right of the upload page, under "Video Editor"
Adding clips
Trim, lengthen, and cut clips
Customize and add effects
Adding music, customizing volume
All of your uploads are added automatically to the Video Editor and can be used as a clip. Up to 50 clips and 500 images can be added to a project to create a new video.
Here's how to add a video clip or image.
1.           Find the clip or image you want to add in the upper left of the Editor. Click the camera icon to browse images
2.           Move your mouse over the clip/image you want to add, then click the + button
3.           Or, drag the clip/image to the bottom of the timeline at the bottom of the editor, where it says Drag videos here to begin editing when you start a new project
Trim, lengthen, and cut clips
Customize and add effects
Adding music, customizing volume