Client Website - See competitive websites - Suggest Opening Video.

Excellent Website - Slide Show - Good Videos and Promotes Counselor - See About Us - 

Website of Competition - Note Differences

Another Website - Shows Products at First Glance

Another Website - Displays Many Choices

Mentor Suggestions 

Advertising using Internet, promotional fliers, newspaper ads and home shopping parties, but your best advertising will be by way of word-of-mouth referrals. This type of business enterprise is well-suited for a home based business location.

Offer free skin care analysis to customers along with free samples of the natural skin care products that you sell.  

Increase On-Line Sales

Get  Your Product to Retailers

How to Delegate Responsibilities

Provide Video Presentation at Udemy  - Use for Promotion and make $$$  for advice

Use Google Helpout - Use for promotion and make $$$ for advice 

Collect Testimonials and Pictures

Consider PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements

Search with Key Words and note results for potential ads and content for your website.

You should also consider joining websites and forums which are devoted to beauty and skin care. 

Use Mobile Promotions

List Your Services FREE

Facebook Business Page

Client Blog  - Links on Blog not Working

Use Read More for Long Text

Create Blog as Tab in Website - Study the choice re: traffic

Skin Care Tips - Good to provide - Mayo Clinic

Note Pay Per Click and Google Places With This Search

How to Promote Yourself as a Skin Care Consultant

Getting Traffic to Your Website and Blogto 

Use Video for Promotion - Video

Sandra Bullock Skin Secret

Google Alerts -Use Google Alert to Get New Material


Getting Traffic to Your Website/Blog

Client Info: I started my business out of interest in the healing arts and a curiosity about Plant Extracts and the benefits on the skin and mind. I am an aromatherapist as well as an esthetician. Over the years I have formulated and perfected a core collection of skincare products. I presently do everything relating to the business from booking appointments, writing copy for my site and product labels, inventory, developing products, making products as well as constantly upgrading the services of Skincare treatments I offer.