Get Your Life Organized - Lisa Gissert 

Do you have contracts for these services?
Which are your priorities?
·         Direction with home organization
·         Home Office files
·         Create a workspace for your bill paying needs
·         Create a filing system you will stick to
·         ​Manage your time better with a personal calendar
·         Workshops
Any other potential services being considered i.e Document Consulting:
Have you Prepared a Business Plan?  Sample Plan – Not your type of business but study for structure.
You can develop products as you provide consulting services?
Your current marketing strategy for your consulting business?  Word of mouth
Do you or will you use independent experts to joint venture with.
Financing your consulting business? Budget
Do you have Liability Insurance?
Do you use outside persons or companies to promote and market your services?
What legal and accounting services do you use?

Client Web Site  - Lisa Gissert – Who designs and maintains site?  Program used? 

Your website is  - Try and you get competitor.  Problem should be addressed since people are more accustomed to using dot com. Is name similarity coincidental?

Building a successful website to a .net or .org etc. is fine, owning the .com is critical.  Advice from the experts on SEO .buzz is not SEO friendly.

Header and border space too large

Use sidebar more effectively.

Good PR on Newspaper

Look at the competitor’s website for tabs you should include such as FAQs  - See her Pricing and Contact information in Header.  Also include list of services tab with menu.

Video introduction –Instruction provided.
Video should explain more types of services offered.
Use different videos to explain types of services.  Keep them short.

On your website your Video is followed by another unrelated video – must be fixed.

You can put your profile under your video or on a sidebar - It is impressive and should be easily viewed on home page.

Your Video on Home tab and Services is the same – Create a different message.
Phone # and Contact Information should be in the heading as well.

Use Udemy to Teach “Organizing Your Life” – For a fee or free to promote your services.

What is your Target audience?  What key words in a search would find you.
Study the results and study the Ads – PPC.  Match your keywords in contents to target your services. 72,500,000 results

Example Search – I need help organizing my life
See Results and study Ads – PPC. 32,700,000 results results

When I search for “I need to organize my office” – See What Comes up
Notice all the PPC ads and number of links 102,000,000 results

When I search for “How to manage your time better with a personal calendar” overhaul” See What Comes Up 7,760,000 results  You are number 2

When I search for “How to manage your time better”
See What Comes Up 334,000,000 NO BUZZ

When “I search I need to create a better filing system”
See What Comes Up 349,000,000

See What Comes Up 37,500,000 No PPC Ads – No Google Places

What is a Subdomain Name? How Do I Create and Delete One?

It is not always necessary to register a new domain name when the one you already own will work perfectly fine. Rather than registering a new domain name, you can always create a subdomain using a domain you already own.
A subdomain is a second website, with its own unique content, but there is no new
domain name.  Better SEO for content of each subdomain.

Teaching Public Speaking – Another Service

Write an eBook - Examples – could be Free to promote your services

Client Linkedin – Clinet 435 Connections – should be enlarged

You might align yourself with specialists in Human Resources and Document Consulting.

Find business discounts to purchase storage supplies. Many retail stores offer discounts to businesses that purchase these types of supplies. You may receive discounts up to 20% or more depending on how much you purchase from each supplier. These products can be shown on sidebar.  Your sidebar can provide a link to your ebook or links to Amazon books for commission.
Because this type of business will not necessarily bring you repeat customers, you should promote your business continually to find new clients.