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Over 70% of Internet searches are for local business services and products.
59% of consumers use Google every month to locate a nearby business
Your internet listings should be a high priority.
Make sure your listing get reviewed – Get 5 Stars

Get Listed on Yelp - /  Local Search
Yelp is a a review site and an advertising site. Primarily restaurants. I advise clients, especially restaurants, to monitor the site. If they quickly respond to negative reviews on the site or directly with the reviewer, they can curtail the damage. Plus, they can get feedback on what customers like and don't like and use the information to make operational changes.  Also to advertise there if they are looking for under 40 clientele. Younger people with smart phones glued to their hands will look at Yelp and other such sites before choosing a restaurant.

Watch out Yelp — Google is coming right for you. Now, when consumers use Google’s search engine to look for terms like “lock repair” or “house cleaners,” they’ll get more than a series of links — they’ll also get businesses prescreened by Google that could be paired with potential clients, according to a Wall Street Journal report #427FED'>Dashboard

On Yelp, Doctors Get Reviewed Like Restaurants — And It Rankles

Hire a handyman, roofer, plumber, or electrician, check Angie's List to find reviews- even a Dentst 

Become an Amazon Pro  Listing service

Amazon Local KnowsYour Location and Restaurant Offer


Amazon Local (New)   

 While companies do not pay to be listed on Angie’s List, companies can pay to appear higher up in the search results
The fact is, many free online business directories might be displaying your business reviews today without you even knowing it, and often, the information is inaccurate. Your customers might already be writing reviews about your business on these local review websites and potential customers are reading them. You need to find, claim and verify your business information on these directories.

List Your Product Special on Angies List - They Promote it Via eMail 

Amazon Local  Amazon Local is a growing marketplace of businesses promoting everything from daily deals to unique experiences. We help your business grow and thrive by connecting you with Amazon customers.

What if someone give me a poor rating unfairly?


Ninety-three percent of storefronts with local channels are on Foursquare (Venuelabs, 2013). Your customers probably listed your business already. You can claim it on Foursquare to take control of your listing