Image result for legal nurse consultantA legal nurse consultant (LNC) is a registered nurse who uses expertise as a health care provider and specialized training to consult on medical-related legal cases.

A legal nurse consultant bridges gaps in an attorney's knowledge. While the attorney is an expert on legal issues, the LNC is an expert on nursing and the health care system.

*          LNCs screen cases for merit
*          Assist with discovery
*          Conduct the existing literature and medical research
*          Review medical records
*          Identify standards of care;
*          Prepare reports and summaries on the extent of injury or illness
*          Create demonstrative evidence
*          And locate or act as expert witnesses

Legal education is not necessarily a prerequisite.

Aside from within law firms, LNCs may also be found working for

*          Government agencies,
*          Insurance companies and HMOs
*          In hospitals as part of the risk management department
*          And may also be in independent practice.

The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC)
The Association promulgates a Code of Ethics for the Legal Nurse Consultant practitioner.

As of 2001, the Association had approximately 4,000 members, the majority of whom had joined after 1994.

There are a number of training courses and certifications available for LNCs. The American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board offers an online examination which is the only LNC certification exam credited by the American Board of Nursing Specialties

Other training and certification programs are available from both commercial and non-commercial organizations As of 2001, the American Bar Association sanctioned 28 LNC programs across the United States.

PDF - Read About Legal Nursing

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