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 tT'ai chi ch'uan àijíquán, often shortened tot'ai chitaiji or tai chi in English usage, is 

an internal Chinese martial art practised for both its defense training and its health benefits.

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The specific program that I’ve been taught was developed by Doctor Yang Yang (http://www.centerfortaiji.com).  While Doctor Yang is a traditionally trained Chinese Taiji Master, he is also internationally recognized for the development of his “Evidenced Based Taiji and Qigong Program” that is currently used with staff and patients in several major medical associations.  

The exercise program itself is gentle and stress free and has been proven to improve basic functions like balance, flexibility and strength while also aiding fundamental functions like awareness, sleep and cognition.  One research test scientifically demonstrated how immune function was significantly improved in senior citizens who were given flu shots.  What is particularly noteworthy about Doctor Yang’s program is that it can be taught to people of all ages and physical conditions.

I am a student of Doctor Yang and study under his close instruction and I have also completed training in order to teach his program.  I personally have experienced the benefits of this program and believe it would be well received by children and adults highlighting cultural diversity and forward thinking in this important area of health care.  (Growth Industry)

Qigong is a mind and body exercise.  Taiji form movements are one kind of qigong exercise.  "Qi" means vital energy and "gong" means to work or exercise.  The class will focus on qigong exercises, meditation, and an introduction to Taiji forms.  Scientific studies have shown that various forms of qigong are effective in improving: immune function, sleep quality, balance, reducing stress, flexibility, and strength.

Marketing Plan- starting classes at  Stevens Cooperative School on 10/14- 2 x a week (4/ 5 year olds).  Hoping to start a following there.  Will do a presentation at the end of the 10 week class for parents/staff.  The following trimester I hope to do (2nd, 3/4th graders) and the last trimester offer to middle school students.